Organization nightmares and a poem

So I’m making an attempt to organize all of my writing work stuffs.  Bought a bunch of notebooks, a filing box thing, and got all my journals out and together.  Been taking the past few hours to copy down notes for each of my novels into a different notebook.  I also have a notebook just for poetry, and a notebook for actual manuscript for each novel.  It’s going to take a while to get all the notes and poems and manuscript into each notebook, but I’m hoping this helps me in the future to keep my ideas centralized.  I’ll still have random journals that will have a little of everything, but I’ll rewrite it all when I have the time.  What do you all do to try and stay organized with your notes and drafts?  I’d love some other options if this doesn’t work out like I plan it to. 😀

On another note, I have a working poem I’d like some feedback on. Not finished yet, but I’m loving the start.  I’m stuck but hoping some feedback will spur on the end.  Here goes.



In memorium

to the core of the

human spirit;

the podium that lifts us,

but for a moment

above the animals.


A shallow grave,

not fit for a tyrant’s carcass,

is trampled in the daily

hustle and bustle of

capitalist success.

Select warriors,

weary and frail from the

constant battle,

hold vigil over the remains.

Urns held dear

in their hearts,

a reminder of what lies


comes with the chosen,

the willing apostles.

The urn is offered always,

the hearts of the apostles

lay open to any

who will glance in.

But all they see are ashes,

and when the tales of the

glorious life of the fallen are

shared in brief moments of,


“Thank you,” and

“You’re welcome,”

they stare in puzzlement,

as if hearing of some

obscure, lost artist,

long fogotten and yet

unsettlingly familiar…


That’s all so far.  Not sure how to continue.  I was mainly considering how so many do not deserve those extensions of courtesy, how it is almost an insult to its memory to offer it to those who are so inconsiderate and blind to it.  Something like that.  Let me know.  As always, comments are more than welcome.  Cheers and all.




4 thoughts on “Organization nightmares and a poem

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