[DISCUSS] Community Poetry Collection

Hello all,

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I’m considering developing a poetry anthology or just general collection of pieces. I have someone willing to review my selections and give me advice per her loads of experience in poetry publication. I’ve published a literary magazine before in college, although it was only a web magazine; you can check that out here. So I have an idea of what needs to go into compilation, design, organization, imagery, etc.

My point in writing this is to ask if any of my poet followers, or other writers out there, would be interested in joining in this publication endeavor; that is to say, if I expanded this collection into a magazine or small book open to submissions, would any of you be interested in submitting to be published with me?

I’d likely need at least one other dedicated person to assist in determining criteria (theme, length restrictions, overall size of publication, etc.), reviewing submissions, designing the format, all those good things. If you’re looking to include publication in your resume, have some work you’ve been contemplating for publication but haven’t gotten to it yet, or have an interest in the publication process in general, let me know down in the comments. I’m really hoping to get some genuine feedback here, so please leave your thoughts below. Thanks so much. Cheers

~Virginiareading the hobbit

[STORY] The Last Game

It was like waking up a moment before your alarm; that relaxing, easy moment when your eyes flutter, and your mind and body are in a perfect state of rest and consciousness. But the scene to meet her eyes was not the fuzz curls of four warm blankets, the wincing jab of the seat buckle, or the fingers of frost digging at her through the windshield. It was nothing, and not middle of the night, no lights on kind of nothing. No far off car alarms, no dotted street lamps in the distance, not even a hint of the bone-cold blizzard outside what should have been her tinted windows. Just nothing.

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[STORY] Simon

Gremlin by kokabeel

Gremlin by kokabeel on deviantArt

When little Simon closed his eyes, it was not the world that went dark. All the things he put far, far away would come out of hiding at night, as he lay his head to dream. All his fears manifest, he would whimper through the night, to the worry of his loving mother, crooning over his sweating, shivering bones.

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[STATS] Whoot Whoot! 10,000 Views

Today, I broke 10,000 views on this little blog of mine. I can’t even comprehend that… But I can certainly feel humbled! Thank you to all my followers, from the bottom of my heart. I’m honored to be one of the many things to touch each of your lives in my own indirect and quirky little way. If there’s ever anything more I can do to contribute to you as your interest in my words contributes to my life, please let me know. 🙂 Thanks again to you all! Cheers!

[QUOTE] The Self-Obsessed Philosopher


– Why do I know a thing or two more? Why am I generally so clever? I have never thought about questions that are not real ones – I have not squandered myself. – I have no personal experience, for example, of true religious difficulties. I am entirely at a loss to know how ‘sinful’ I am supposed to be. Likewise I have no reliable criterion for what a pang of conscience is: from what one hears about it, a pang of conscience seems to me unworthy of respect… I would not want to abandon an action after the event; I would prefer to leave the bad outcome, and consequences out of the question of value all together. If the outcome is bad, it as all too easy to lose the correct perspective on what you have done: a pang of conscience seems to me a kind of ‘evil eye’. Cherishing something that goes wrong all the more because it went wrong – that is more my kind of morality.

~Friedrich Nietzsche – ‘Why I am So Clever’, Ecce Homo

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