[POEM] Maria


Maria by aufzehengehen on deviantArt.

You are daybreak,

the placid beams of golds and ambers,

piercing the trees, bringing life to the earth.

Shades of rose, of caramel and milk

give way to a subtle hint, the crystal blue reality.

You are daybreak;

eyes show the pining soul of a waking world,

so ready to greet this warm glance,

the heat that is the spark of heartbeats.

You are daybreak.

Ave Maria. Ave Oriens.

Time to Talk Abortion, Kids!

*insert sarcasm above, but just a little*

*insert sarcasm above, but just a little*

Yes everyone, I’m going to get controversial again. And yes, this is inspired by a lovely thread I got involved with on one of the news sites I follow. The beginning of the thread went like this:

Don’t support abortion? Don’t have one. Don’t support gay marriage? Don’t send a wedding gift to your gay friends.

The ensuing outcry was immense against this person. Arguments such as, “Don’t forget rape, extortion, armed robbery and assault, to name a few. If you don’t like them, don’t do them!” and the like were rolling like stones over the original poster. I couldn’t help but include my two cents, and got me into a couple conversations, some very informed, kind, and respectful, and some not so much. I’d like to share my views from this thread and see what everyone else thinks.
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My Life’s Playlist: Remember the Name

This is an installment of my series, My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is Remember the Name, by Fort Minor.

If you’re not familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender, just ignore the actual video and enjoy the music. Although I don’t know many other works by Fort Minor, this song evokes a passion I can’t shake. It’s easy to understand why Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and the underground band Styles of Beyond came together and worked so well. There’s not much more to say. The soul and raw strength in this song are pure poetry in rap. This is what rap was always meant to be, something that sticks with you, and I can’t get enough.