[POEM] pub

To twang of banjo

and penny whistle squeal,

the belting of an Irish dream.

The drums in rhythm

to the cracking of heals

and clanking of whiskey glasses;

what melody and melancholy

found in this pulsing reel

of Irish sweat and pub smoke.

[MUSIC] The Most Truthful Song Ever Written

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is the most truthful song ever written: From God’s Perspective by Bo Burnham.

I have nothing more to say besides what I’ve already said. This is the most truthful song ever written. Bo Burnham is George Carlin’s replacement in the world, and although I appreciate Carlin’s genius, I’m extremely happy that I am living the time of Burnham.

[MUSIC] My Life’s Playlist: Counting Stars

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is a new release, OneRepublic’s Counting Stars.

Wow! Didn’t think I’d ever remember this little series, did you? Well, I haven’t forgotten, just been caught up in other thoughts lately. Expect more of these coming.

Now to the main attraction: OneRepublic! I can’t say I’ve always been a fan of OneRepublic, really. I don’t think they’ve ever really sparked my interest enough, and consistently enough, to make me remember that a certain song was theirs. This song, however, has caught my ear.

Surprisingly, I had no idea the purpose of the song (and really still don’t), which seems to becoming a new trend for me. You’ll remember one of my favorite gems and one of my last Playlist songs, Somewhere Only We Know. The same can be said of those lyrics, with no particular meaning revealed through the song itself. The lyrics can be taken by the listener as they like to take them, and make them into what they need or want for that moment.

And honestly, I can’t think of what these lyrics mean to me, anyway. The music video I believe hints a touch at the artists’ intent for the lyrics’ meaning, but I can’t make the proper connections to really figure it out. I don’t think the meaning of the words is what matters for me in this piece. It’s the beat, that rhythmic, soulful beat which grabs me here. There’s something enchanting, and honest, about this song, both the music and the lyrics.

And I suppose the lyrics touch me with the reality of them. The idea of feeling bad about doing something said to be good, or feel good about doing something said to be bad. The idea of letting money burn, without regard for its value, knowing that you have something far more valuable to cherish. That those things you value most are also less safe than the life of money and comfort, but that risk of discomfort is what makes you feel the most alive in your life, and that is what ought to matter. I wish I had more in my life that I felt that way about. I wish there were more things that were a risk which I loved more than anything to do for myself. I hope to be given those kind of challenging opportunities in the future, and know that is what they are, and grab onto them. I hope I’m given the money to burn without regret. I want to count the stars and feel like I’m counting the wealth of my life.

Huh, I guess I do have a meaning for this song after all. 🙂 Cheers all.

My Life’s Playlist Quickie: Song of the Lonely Mountain (A cover this time…)

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today and quick and enjoyable feature, a cover of Song of the Lonely Mountain, performed by the multi-talented Scott Dion Brown.

I saw this featured on The Hobbit Facebook site and had to share. This is a cover of Song of the Lonely Mountain, originally played by Neil Finn (you can see my original review of the performance from the movie as well as Neil’s full version here), redone solo by the very talented Scott Dion Brown. I can’t decide what I love most, his singing, his fantastic job with all the accent sounds to the song, or those awesome costumes! XD So I thought I would share. Hope you all are doing well. I’ve been better, but the world will keep on spinning. 🙂 Until next time!

A Purposeful Haitus

Hello all! If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been around much. I have a big post brewing, but I can’t seem to get it completely finished. It was originally a My Life’s Playlist piece, which turned into a flaming hell-rant, which I have lost the flames for at the moment. It will be posted some day, just not tonight.

On to the main point. I’m going on haitus for a while. I have a trip to the beach coming up, Otakon is on its way, and frankly, I’ve been wasting far too much time on here. I greatly enjoy my discussions with people on my blog on whatever subject (although sometimes those discussions turn into a circle of, “My logic is better than your logic. I win! Admit it!” and I grow very tired of re-explaining my views for the ump-teenth time). If you still wish to comment or put in a request for a post in the future when my little blog-cation is over, go for it! I’m still watching, don’t worry! 🙂

But I do need a break. My biggest reason isn’t even the vacations upcoming. It is my novel. My lovely, beautiful Elaseim have been neglected for far too long now. My blog has flourished at the expense of my book’s progress, and that needs to change. So for the next few weeks you may get a little poem here and there, and I will try to keep My Life’s Playlist going, but other than that you will see little of me, my friends. Keep in touch. I will try to at least browse your own posts as much as I can. I want to get at least to a halfway mark in my book before I return with a bang, and that bang will certainly include chapters for your enjoyment and hopefully your constructive criticism as well. Until then, I leave you with Rana and Taren, whom you will all come to love as much as I have as soon as I return.


A commission of my two main characters, Rana the Elaseim and Taren the Mongolin, done by the incredibly talented c3rmen. You can see more of c3rmen’s work at c3rmen.deviantart.com, or just click the picture!


My Life’s Playlist: Ruffneck Bass and Make It Bun Dem

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is a double feature of my favorite releases from Skrillex: Ruffneck Bass and Make It Bun Dem (with Damien Marley).

If you’re looking for some nice, heavy techno remix, Ruffneck Bass is the mix for you.

If you’re more a mellow, Jamaican beat guy, try out the pot-field-burner, Make It Bun Dem.

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My Life’s Playlist: Nice to Meet You Anyway (Acoustic)

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today’s feature is a lovely revamp by Gavin DeGraw of his own piece, Nice to Meet You Anyway.

I’m not really much of a Gavin DeGraw fan, really. He was a quick fling of a musical interest for me, surprisingly. This rendition of his song Nice to Meet You Anyway, however, definitely belongs in this playlist. Compared to the original, which I thought was terrible by the way, this version is masterful. The tempo is so much more fitting to me for the topic, as well as the volume of the music itself. I feel like this song, through the lyrics, is supposed to be appreciative of the person being addressed, and yet in the original mix it sounded more like the singer was blowing off the admirer. Here we can listen to the admiration toward the person being addressed, a tinge of hurt in that she must be turned down, and the ecstasy in why she must be turned down, because the singer has found true love just a little while before. Simple, subtle, and a new spin on an all-too-often seen scenario at the bar, this was a great piece to remix. I also love the backstory to the collection this remix came from; an unexpected meeting on the street corner before a gig brought Gavin to a private studio, where he and a couple casual musicians just chilled out and re-recorded the whole album, song by song. I only wish he had switched out this recording with the one that got on the original album. 🙂

Also, sorry about the link. The embed isn’t working for some reason…

Also also sorry for less posts lately. It’s a mix of lack of inspiration and trying to get some personal reading done, as well as getting some novel writing done! I’ve been spending so much time posting on here that it’s really taken away from my writing time, so you will probably see a little less of me than usual. I’ll try to keep at least one post a day going, hopefully a poem, short story, rant, or playlist post per day. Perhaps updates to that projection later. For now, bedtime! Goodnight all!

My Life’s Playlist: The Garden of Allah

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.

Today, an oldie but a goody: The Garden of Allah by Don Henley.

Don Henley, I must say, got much more entertaining when he left The Eagles behind. Not that I don’t like The Eagles; I sang Desperado for my 7th grade talent show! The passion and incredible artistry, however, of Don just erupted after he went solo. This song is a testament to that. I’m sure there are many who have issues with this song, but you can’t deny the interesting perspective and hard-core poetry that this song brings to the table. What a perspective, and to be put into a melody like this and not left on the paper is genius.

Granted I know the idea itself is nothing new. There is something very blood-chillingly familiar about this story, though. Something sickening and fearful comes with the idea that even Satan himself could get bored with us. Even more intriguing and concerning in that Satan knows the good of the world as well, experienced the best of the best in his time, and not only knows we have outgrown him, but knows just how far we’ve taken ourselves away from that glory he can never have again. What spite a creature like that must have against us? Creatures more favored than he, and still throwing the universe away for some petty feel-good moments on this earth. How much he must hate us and envy us for taking such greatness for granted.

This will get me a lot of trouble, I’m sure, but if the Christian idea is right, I find it funny that I relate far more to Satan than ‘God.’ Satan made a choice, just as Adam and Eve, to go against ‘God’s’ plan. Yet Satan is damned for all eternity and we are spared (mostly). We take ‘God’ and ‘His’ gifts for granted and yet we are still brought home under certain conditions. The favoritism of the Christian god just baffles me; that this favoritism can be considered a comfort to people because they can convince themselves that they are in the right is even more baffling. I will never claimed to be saved by ‘God’ (the image of god I believe in or any other image of god). Either god loves me and will take me in when my time here is done, or god plays favorites with its own children, and I want nothing to do with such a god as that.

…I think I just ranted. Was that a rant? Kati! Let me know if this is the kind of rant you were looking for! XD If not, I’ll work on a biiiiig one for tomorrow! Religious or otherwise! 😀