I hate my hiatus problem… SO!

We’re going to be working on that, with the help of a couple good friends of mine.  We’re going to have a post-for-post deal, starting with my friend Christian’s post today reflecting on the impact of his trip to Germany years ago on his life today.  Here is a link to his post and blog!  No more personal contests or anything, although I will occasionally post things related to my Apocalypse challenge or even a little blurb for SWfH.

As for this post, I thought I would put something by you all.  I had a bit of a light bulb moment today in regards to my Elaseim story.  I’ve left it alone for a while to work with Anubis and my Apocalypse novel, but my brain bounces a lot between these two.  Now I’ve established a lot of Rana’s time in the story as one of the first four Elaseim.  However, I have been trying to figure out some problems with her storyline after the fall of the Elaseim.  I don’t want to give too much away, but this is what’s going on right now.

Her role in life is told to her, to a point where she is practically brain-washed, after the massacre of her people.  This makes her non-active for centuries while the world falls into fear and chaos.  A new character and friend brings her out of her dazed life and into action by showing her the role she has been given is based on lies, and they slowly become close.  Despite her travels and actions, however, she still feels that the brain-washing story she was told somehow holds some truth.  She follows what she was originally told in the end.  I won’t say whether it turns out for the better or worse yet.

My problem is that, because of her immense knowledge and wisdom from her long lifetime, as well as her role as the Captains’ Guard, it seems very much outside of her nature to run away, let alone be overcome by tragedy and loss.  So I am considering making her not the first of the Elaseim, but the last.  I want to make her Kido’s daughter, and have her the youngest of the Elaseim when they are destroyed.  This not only leaves her open to manipulation because of her age and inexperience, it allows for more openness to the new things she finds once she is released from the web of lies. (cliche, but meh)

Anyway, any opinions on the matter from those of you who have followed my chapters on Goodreads here, please feel free to comment, or just comment on the idea of young characters vs old characters.  What different dynamics will making my main character younger put on the story? Anything you think I might not be considering? I’d love to know. Comments please! Cheers for now!




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