[POEM] emotion

Encourage me to avoid the enigmatic;

entice my curiosity toward the extraordinary.

Excuse me if I make excuses, for

emphatic am I to emerge

the essence of your élan vital.

Enable my strength. Encapsulate me,

whilst I embrace your energy.

Equal are we, entangled in



Decided to do a free style letter prompt today. I should have gone for more structure but I didn’t have the time to devote to it tonight. Hopefully tomorrow night will have more promising endeavors. Cheers all.

On the Edge of Myself

I’m on the cusp of something golden here.

You could say I’m phobic of the fall, and that is not merely reserved for the breeze-wobbled stairs up to the water slide. I shrink away balancing_on_the_edgefrom the railings on the second floor of the mall. I hugged the inner walls, eyes clamped tight, and counted my breathing while visiting the Eiffel Tower. I’ve had nightmares of falling forever into the Grand Canyon. And there are times when the cliffs are invisible, and my soul knows not how many more steps until the plunge; that moment of heart in throat, floating in nowhere, a flash of eternity before your bones become dust on the distant floor. Continue reading

That Which Does Not Kill Us, Makes Us Paranoid

Angel of Death from Hellboy II - The Golden Army

Angel of Death from Hellboy II – The Golden Army

Okay kids, lets talk about evil for a minute.

I was trying to give my brain a break today, and jumped on Cracked.com for some comedy to sprinkle into my day. Browsing their newest articles, I came upon the 5 Popular Beliefs That Are Holding Humanity Back. You could imagine this kind of title would intrigue me, and so I went on a little read. I had to pause and go over #3 a few times, for the sheer, understandable sense of it all. Now Cracked always has pretty intelligent and well thought-out pieces, but this one struck me as particularly sensible. It reads “#3 That Evil Is Something We Can Kill.” Continue reading