[POEM] patience

Pitter titter go the nails,

agitated against the plastic

table top. This is how

I spend my days, head on desk,

exhausted in boredom. Oh, to be

needed! To be a busy bee of

constructive accomplishments.

…everyone needs a purpose…

[POEM] pub

To twang of banjo

and penny whistle squeal,

the belting of an Irish dream.

The drums in rhythm

to the cracking of heals

and clanking of whiskey glasses;

what melody and melancholy

found in this pulsing reel

of Irish sweat and pub smoke.

[POEM] Bagpipes

Do I weep in mourning,

as the bagpipes echo

across the bridge?

Do I weep in reverence,

a life and a friendship

restored in memory?

No, I think not.

There is no logic in tears.

Laugh. Yes, I will laugh.

I will join my laughter

to the joyful beat

of a Ballad

and reflect on the greatest


“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

[POEM] Home

Crumpled I lay, hugging a can of olives

within my bare cleavage. This is home,

the comfort of openness, exposure, fearing

not what may creep along, unseen, and dart

through my door to take me, sending my snack flying. Of course I would hew

someone down for such edible blasphemy. I’d see them choke

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