[POEM] patience

Pitter titter go the nails,

agitated against the plastic

table top. This is how

I spend my days, head on desk,

exhausted in boredom. Oh, to be

needed! To be a busy bee of

constructive accomplishments.

…everyone needs a purpose…

[POEM] pub

To twang of banjo

and penny whistle squeal,

the belting of an Irish dream.

The drums in rhythm

to the cracking of heals

and clanking of whiskey glasses;

what melody and melancholy

found in this pulsing reel

of Irish sweat and pub smoke.

[POEM] Bagpipes

Do I weep in mourning,

as the bagpipes echo

across the bridge?

Do I weep in reverence,

a life and a friendship

restored in memory?

No, I think not.

There is no logic in tears.

Laugh. Yes, I will laugh.

I will join my laughter

to the joyful beat

of a Ballad

and reflect on the greatest


“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”