[STORY] The Last Game

It was like waking up a moment before your alarm; that relaxing, easy moment when your eyes flutter, and your mind and body are in a perfect state of rest and consciousness. But the scene to meet her eyes was not the fuzz curls of four warm blankets, the wincing jab of the seat buckle, or the fingers of frost digging at her through the windshield. It was nothing, and not middle of the night, no lights on kind of nothing. No far off car alarms, no dotted street lamps in the distance, not even a hint of the bone-cold blizzard outside what should have been her tinted windows. Just nothing.

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[STORY] Simon

Gremlin by kokabeel

Gremlin by kokabeel on deviantArt

When little Simon closed his eyes, it was not the world that went dark. All the things he put far, far away would come out of hiding at night, as he lay his head to dream. All his fears manifest, he would whimper through the night, to the worry of his loving mother, crooning over his sweating, shivering bones.

“Dear me, we must find a way to put those bad things farther away, my little love.” Continue reading

Heat Wave



The bombardment of senses was like the ecstasy of dance. A euphoric swirl, though not as mellow as on the lacquered floor. Your bow takes you all the way, down to the roadside. I curtsey to scoop you up, and we dance; feet bare, splitting, and smashing in rhythm against the dirt and other fallen coryphee couples. But no one can dance all their troubles away, and no one can outrun fate.

The screams caught up with us first; short-cut wails of ravers far behind, those in last place. Then came the tinged odor and tingling tongue of singed flesh and swan lake frailties. Charred, framed remains never reached our eyes; a stroke of luck, I suppose. It was the heat wave which overwhelmed our senses, melted our frantic dance of life.



Future Plans: Too tired to do any serious blogging tonight

Hi all! Well, there’s no fancy pictures or fun brain teasers tonight. I’m extremely tired from lack of sleep and a harsh but reviving workout this morning. I do have some posting plans that I hope to get rolling on tomorrow and over the weekend, so here are some posting spoilers to get you through the night (in no particular order):

This totally almost happened this evening. ...Also oops! You DO get a clever picture of cute! I LIED!!!

This totally almost happened this evening.
…Also oops! You DO get a clever picture of cute! I LIED!!!

  • Abusive Mother Take 3!: Yeah! I bet you thought I had forgotten about updates to the Crazy Mom stories, huh? Well….. yes, I did forget a bit. A new follower of mine reminded me yesterday that I left you all hanging! So there is a new installment coming soon. And trust me, it’s a doozy.
  • Bob Jones University – Jesus Christ! (and that is not a pun): Per Cracked, one of my favorite sites on the interwebz, comes a story of utter stupid. A man, over 21, going to a Christian university called Bob Jones, is expelled for watching one episode of the TV series GLEE… during spring break…. while off-campus…. yeah. And the first picture you see of the founder on the ‘About’ page? Yeah, that guy looks SOOOOOO welcoming and Christ-like. Uh huh. You all know I’m okay with people having whatever belief they want, but this just… wow.
  • The Results are in!: I WILL be doing a post on the results of some of my polls, in particular the Hypothetical poll from the other morning.

I’m sure I’ll think of more after I cover these. If none of these are to your liking, don’t forget! I do have a suggestion box! Use the “Make Me Your Pawn” link, the middle link at the top of the homepage. Think of something you want me to tackle? A topic for a rant? A poem? A short story? Go for it! Shoot me a message! I’m always ready! 🙂

To my lovely followers: What do you want to see from me?


The past month has been poems, poems, poems. The month before that was a lot of prose, short stories, novel updates, and a little bit of poetry laced in for flavor. With such a successful month behind me, I’d like to get more interactive and involved with you, my lovely followers and would-be followers! I want to know what you want from me, what you expect as a reader when you see my username come up in your reader queue.

So, below is a lovely little form (yes, I know, another one; I’m kind of getting obsessed a little) where I’d like to you to pester me. What content from me do you enjoy the most? What is your favorite post from me? Why do you think it was your favorite? What aspect of my work really catches your eye when you see my posts in your reader queue? Would you rather this blog be poetry focused? Do you enjoy my rants and raves on religion, society, and the like? Tell me what you don’t like to see. Give me ideas for new content that you’ve never seen from me before but would be interested in from me. What can I do for you to enjoy your visits to me site.

Let it all out! I want your honest opinion. And… GO!

Thank you to all my followers. I really want to become more dynamic with you all, and I hope this is a good first step. Thank you all for your support and interest in my work. Cheers!