[POEM] Maria


Maria by aufzehengehen on deviantArt.

You are daybreak,

the placid beams of golds and ambers,

piercing the trees, bringing life to the earth.

Shades of rose, of caramel and milk

give way to a subtle hint, the crystal blue reality.

You are daybreak;

eyes show the pining soul of a waking world,

so ready to greet this warm glance,

the heat that is the spark of heartbeats.

You are daybreak.

Ave Maria. Ave Oriens.

[POEM] To let it out…

I was a can of soda today,

alone and forgotten too long in the freezer.

I didn’t realize I was carbonated,

did not understand the implications of low temperatures

putting pressure on my container.

I have been simply sitting here as the frost grew,

etching along my rim and tab.

Then, from nowhere, and with no warning,

it came. Continue reading