[POEM] Maria


Maria by aufzehengehen on deviantArt.

You are daybreak,

the placid beams of golds and ambers,

piercing the trees, bringing life to the earth.

Shades of rose, of caramel and milk

give way to a subtle hint, the crystal blue reality.

You are daybreak;

eyes show the pining soul of a waking world,

so ready to greet this warm glance,

the heat that is the spark of heartbeats.

You are daybreak.

Ave Maria. Ave Oriens.

[POEM] To let it out…

I was a can of soda today,

alone and forgotten too long in the freezer.

I didn’t realize I was carbonated,

did not understand the implications of low temperatures

putting pressure on my container.

I have been simply sitting here as the frost grew,

etching along my rim and tab.

Then, from nowhere, and with no warning,

it came. Continue reading

NaPoWriMo Day 16 – Choice

I stand before you,

shield against the swords

and storms that

dare to charge against

a brazen king.

Not so brazen as to be


although you would beg to argue,

emphasize the moments of falter,

the short comings of a young warrior


dumbfounded to be found


But oh, how you forget

the rustic cry of defiance

that sent shudders through our bones

that day,

how demons ceased their glutony

and bowed deep into the dirt,

a homage to the vagabond king.

With no rally to your call,

still you threw yourself at the most grevious

of the horde,

its sins open and heavy, lingering in the

blood-seeped wind.

Beast against unleashed beast, the clash

of steel and bark,

above the despair you rose to claim

your people

and lead them to the victory

you had always been so sure they’d find.

And yes, you falter,

the bare ground beneath empty hands

and the enemy’s blow from above.

But this is not your fate come to carry you


for there are those who would follow you,

take the blow only for you,

bring you to your feet

or watch you raise yourself

as you have always done.

Do not consider this obligation or dismiss

devotion for servitude.

Nothing is worth fighting for

if it is not worth dying for;

This barrier of flesh between your life and

your death

is love;

the choice, not of a warrior to shed

blood for his king, but

of a friend to die

for her friend.



I finally got to watch my Blu-Ray of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey last night. I saw it in theaters once, and it rekindled my original intrigue of Thorin Oakenshield, especially in his back story. I went right for the book after I saw it in theaters and realized why I had an odd foreboding feel about falling for Thorin during the movie. [no spoilers, go read the book if you don’t know what I mean]

As some of you know, my Elaseim story, and the Elaseim themselves, came originally from a fan fiction I developed for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where Rana existed as the last of the Elaseim simply so that Boromir wouldn’t die. Well, I still do that all the time, either making new characters as OCs for fan fictions (all in my mind, of course, I’ve only dabbled in writing my fan fictions down a couple times [for Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender] and I just couldn’t keep it up) or inserting Rana into the story. The Hobbit was no exception; since she is an immortal, it works that she would be part of this story as well as the trilogy. As Rana has developed, however, her dynamic in the fan fiction has also changed, so much so that her interaction with Boromir moved away from the original love story to a strong friendship, bound by the want for Gondor to gain greatness through men once more.

I had never had Rana interact with the dwarves of The Hobbit, and once I started to act out this dynamic, she and Thorin became the perfect match. Her new character development of late melds with his flaws so well, so perfectly; they are the high school friends turned sweethearts of Middle Earth in my mind. This is a small aspect of the relationship between Rana and Thorin, spoken from Rana’s perspective. Hope you all like it!



On a personal note, this is the hottest dwarf that has ever and will ever exist. Fili and Kili need a few more years before they can look this good… wait…