[POEM] emotion

Encourage me to avoid the enigmatic;

entice my curiosity toward the extraordinary.

Excuse me if I make excuses, for

emphatic am I to emerge

the essence of your élan vital.

Enable my strength. Encapsulate me,

whilst I embrace your energy.

Equal are we, entangled in



Decided to do a free style letter prompt today. I should have gone for more structure but I didn’t have the time to devote to it tonight. Hopefully tomorrow night will have more promising endeavors. Cheers all.

[STORY] The Last Game

It was like waking up a moment before your alarm; that relaxing, easy moment when your eyes flutter, and your mind and body are in a perfect state of rest and consciousness. But the scene to meet her eyes was not the fuzz curls of four warm blankets, the wincing jab of the seat buckle, or the fingers of frost digging at her through the windshield. It was nothing, and not middle of the night, no lights on kind of nothing. No far off car alarms, no dotted street lamps in the distance, not even a hint of the bone-cold blizzard outside what should have been her tinted windows. Just nothing.

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ABC Poem: Beginning

klimt the kiss

Almost begun.

Beats of the heart

coincide with heel clicks.

Don’t trip.

Exhale lightly.

Follow the chosen path,

gently guided.

How radiant those

illuminated eyes shine.

Jitters smooth out.

Knuckles, bleached with tension,

loosen around bouquet of

mosaic blues and

notably vivid white.

Open a smile, let the

pride cascade across

quartz tiles.

Ready to start the rest of our lives.

Standing before creation, our

triumph is


Vows, the

words of our passion,

exchanged. They echo an eternity, while

you and I share the

zealous, first kiss of love.


Today is a double-prompt covering poem. The title comes from today’s Daily Prompt: Beginning. The alphabet form of the poem is for the Poet’s Corner ABC poem prompt. Can you guess what ‘first’ I’m referencing? 😉