Luke and Rog go to war

It might as well have been a scene from Rambo.  The crumbled bricks that they would have once called home were not safe in this place.  So they sat around a scant fire in what appeared to be a dug out groundhog hole, judging by the stuffed groundhog head these people kept next to the entrance ladder.  The men and women around them were unfamiliar, hardened shadows of those they had known back home.  But there was no such thing as Roger Winkler and Lukas Schmidt in this world, and it was all the better.  Neither believed they would be alive in this world at this point if they had existed.  But it didn’t make it any less painful for Rog.

“I told you Lynn was just a slut, Rog.”

His hand stopped midway down Foamer’s fluffed back as he glared over at his companion. “That is not Lynn, Lukas, and if you dare refer to Lynn that way again, I will leave you here.”
The sad mockery that this world called Lynn Speares had slept openly with at least 6 men since they had been taken into the hideout. Another shell crashing above ushered her back into the firelight. This was not his Lynn. He had to know that. His Lynn was waiting for him back home. He would not let himself think otherwise.

Sorry for the delay on String Warping for Homosexuals, everyone. Long and crazy weeks lately. Sending this from my phone so I’ll make it short. Another installment hopefully tomorrow. Leave comments and all that jazz. Cheers all!

S. Virginia Gray

A non-fiction writing endeavour

Well everyone, I’ve finally gotten back to the screen and my fingers are just aching to type, so here we go.

I have discovered in the past few days, nay, in the past few years of working retail, that I am one of the last of an old-fashioned yet strong and stubborn breed.  I am a courteous person.  And I do not say this as a flaunt of my personality.  I have no interest in proclaiming myself as something better than others.  But by daily comparison in the workplace, I find that I do things for others that force a response of surprise, confusion, and even awe.  On the same token, I receive treatment from others that is unwarranted, ignorant, and above all else, rude, and yet these people go about their lives like their behavior is proper, if not expected.  And I suppose after so long working in the retail business, I should expect these things.  I just can’t let my brain get around the idea that society is moving so far into self-centeredness.  I don’t want to believe it.  I can’t believe it.

So I think I’m going to write a book.  How surprising is that?  Me?  Write a book?  Well, here’s the catch.  This will be a true story.  A simple elegy in prose to the life and death of common courtesy, and how it plays out in the world of the average department store.  Some chapters will illustrate the general laziness of those who shop on their lunch break.  Some will focus on the lack of respect for articles which are not paid for.  A few chapters will be first-hand accounts of particular events which occurred on my watch, and will forever haunt my retail psyche.  The concept of common courtesy, of kindness and respect, must be remembered, if not actually upheld by those of us who understand the phrases, “Treat others as you would want to be treated,” and, “Put things back the way you found them.”  I may post installments of this project here from time to time, just to see what responses I may get.  So yeah, this is a heads up.

On happier tones, it’s time for everyone’s favorite string-warping duo!  Now I know I said I was going to use the prompts for the Masquerade Crew’s Writing Contest for the next few installments, but I realized that the animal prompt was the only one that I could use.  All the rest don’t really fit for this story.  So we’re scrapping that idea and just getting down to the fun of it.

Luke’s fitful rage was what finally tamed the monkey.  Rog smirked at the awkward pair from across the crackle-less fire.  Demanding the chittering monkey return to ground level and, “fight like a… primate,” Luke had started throwing whatever piece of earth he could find up at the creature.  Eventually he came across some hard, pointed berries which matched his pants perfectly.  And so he took to throwing the odd things into the tree, although he could barely hit the bottom branch.  A few managed to settle nicely on the lowest beam, and once Luke was exhausted, the monkey moved its way down in curiosity.  Apparently the berries were something just as new to the monkey as the boys, and also very sweet.  In no time, Foamer the foaming monkey was clinging to Luke’s back, licking at the bit of juice that had dripped from the fruit onto his bare arms.  Luke, too tired to care anymore, so long as the foam-ball didn’t get near his river-cleaned shirt, just took on the hitchhiker.  And now they lay side by side, the man wrapped in little foamy arms, as they dozed under a starless, silent night.

Daw, aren’t they cute together? Now as long as they can stay away from those crazy Aboriginal nuts, right?  We’ll see how that’s going along next time perhaps.  Until then, no more from me for today.  Hopefully I’ll have my Masquerade Crew story done in the next few days.  It’s really coming along nicely. I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out.  Cheers all!

Don’t.. don’t bother me… I’m writing…

Okay, sorry all for the quiet me.  I’ve had a great and calming weekend which didn’t last long enough.  And this morning I managed over 2000 words of my short story for Masquerade Crew’s writing contest! If you didn’t get a good look on the last post, here’s a link for you all!  If you check the last post, I have a few of my own conditions if you want more restrictions/challenges with the prompt.  I’m not using any of them myself, but I believe I’m going to try and use each for my next String Warping for Homosexuals posts!  For this one, we’re going with the first prompt, “A random animal (pet, wild or otherwise) goes with them to the future.” Or in this case, to another universe.  Let’s see what happens when a foaming monkey manages to hitch a ride!

The foamy bubbles of the monkey’s coat were everywhere.  And Luke did not approve.

“If this shit stains, I swear to God, Rog, I’ll kill it!”

Rog couldn’t help but let out a sigh as he watched the odd primate bound up the nearest tree.  Damn that Flambo’s hearing.  “And what is that supposed to me, hm?!”

“Luke, I thought you were a vegan.  No killing other animals for any reason, right?”

“Oh Rog,” came his companion’s flitting voice, “That only applies to our universe.  I reserve the right to kill anything outside my own universe, and that damned monkey is dead! Once I get this shirt off.”

With that, Luke promptly began to strip his white blouse, and Rog decided it best to check their surroundings.  Despite the quaintness of this seemingly peaceful valley they had found themselves in, it just felt off.  And then he realized it was a good thing those foaming monkeys were apparently mute.  Because aside from Luke’s under-breath curses at the filmy monkey suds keeping him from working his buttons, there was not another sound in the air.  This place, wherever it was they were now, was completely soundless.

Oooo!!!! Yeah, I have no idea.  I hate silence, and a place that is completely quiet like this would just freak me the hell out.  I’d be talking to myself in screams and blaring music like crazy. (actually I wouldn’t be doing much different… hmm)  If I ever go deaf, shoot me in the head.  I’ll be happier for it.  I’d rather be blind.  At least I can imagine images, but sound, forget it.  Anyway, that’s all for tonight me thinks.  I should have my short story finished by Thursday night.  Hoping I get the time to work on it the next couple nights and get it out.  Comments will be extremely needed for that one, so keep your eyes pealed!  Until then!


~S. Virginia


OH! PS!!!! I did some edit review work for my friend J.J. Harkin and his book Angels of Apocalypse Part 1: Alignment.  Check it out, it was a great read.  I’ve heard from very powerful sources (aka the author :D) that the second book will be coming out on Amazon in the next few weeks.  Look for an update on that and possibly a full-on book review.  (If I have the time. I will most likely write one eventually, just don’t know how soon I can hit it in.)  Okay, sleepy time, early day at work tomorrow. Bye everyone!

Foaming Monkeys and What to Write

It was his first out-of-body experience, and all he could think was this was not a good time for it.  He could see the vines pushed away from his face as he sprinted farther into the trees.  His feet lept over mangled roots, planting firmly onto the spongy ground and propelling him after Luke and those foaming monkeys.  There was no way Rog would normally have this coordination.  Hell, he couldn’t even do the Cha-Cha Slide.  But he hadn’t tripped once.  All he knew was he had to catch up to those monkeys, those bubble-foam covered monkeys, and get Luke back.  He had lost sight of them the moment they grabbed Luke’s shoe off his foot and he went tumbling after it.  But that was one good thing about Luke, his voice could travel for miles.  That, and it looked like the monkeys were shedding.

Just follow the soap suds, Rog. Follow the soap suds.


Yay, a new installment of String Warping for Homosexuals! Yes, Luke’s love for his darling plaid Mary Janes has gotten him in a bit of a damsel-in-distress situation.  If you actually want a conclusion to this little clip next post I can do that. I’m having quite a lot of fun just jumping around to whatever they might be up to instead of going chronological.

On another note, I have finished posting my history chapters for my Elaseim project.  As always, critique is more than welcome.  But now I’m in a bit of a dilemma.  I have been reading J.J. Harkin’s Angels of Apocalypse the past few days and it has really got my mind back into one of my other projects.  And what do you know, it’s an apocalypse story!  I’m considering working more on chapters for that project and setting the Elaseim work down for a little while.  To any of you who have been so kind as to read my Elaseim work, would you rather start seeing more of Adalan Eu and the current-time plotline? Or would you like to see something new and get a glimpse at Aisha and Anubis?  For a little teaser, here is a commissioned picture of Aisha and Anubis drawn by an awesome artist and friend, TastesLikeAnya.

So if anyone has any interest in one or the other, let me know. Otherwise I will most likely be going with Aisha and Anubis for a while.  Cheers to all, and thanks for the great discussion on the last post on critique!  Until the next adventure!

~S. Virginia Gray

Flannel Flambo

The fields were vibrant green this time of year, and the temperature was impeccable, perfect for his khaki capris and sandals.

“Now why did you wear flannel plaid pants again, Lukas?”

The warper jangled down under Rog’s plain blue T as he began to pace down the road before them. He could feel the glare of his entertainment for the evening pierce at the base of his spine.

“You know very well plaid is traditional in Scotland.  I don’t want to walk into the President’s informal ball and blend in.”

“Again,” Rog quipped over his shoulder, “why the plaid?”

The glare transformed into a roll for a moment.  “Do I have to spell it? Plaid = normal.  That’s what the poof collar and purple-pink matching shoes are for, dumb-nuts.”

“Right, because Victorian blouses accented with pajama pants and matching Mary Janes will totally blend in at an informal Scottish anything.”

The clicking of Luke’s heels against the cobbles matched step next to Rog.  “That’s the whole point.  Not lost in the crowd, but not overbearing.  The perfect combo to say, ‘Hey, if you’re interested in a one-night stand with an audience, then buddy you found your Flambo.’”

A little note on the Flambo thing.  This story is in our future, and that is the new slang term for homosexual.  As always, don’t be offended and whatnot, it’s a story and I’m just trying to have fun with it. ^_^ This is where Rog and Luke started out, before the Aboriginies and random string warping began.

Another note, I know these flash updates aren’t always going to be great.  They are fast-written on purpose, and they will not always be winners.  But they are awesome practice and great for any feedback you may wish to give me.  Eventually, when more are accumulated, I may put them all in one place, like goodreads, where my other stories and Elaseim chapters are, but for now they will remain here.

And on that note, just to let you know, the final background chapter of Journeys of the Elaseim is up!  I had a great comment/critique posted by J.J. Harkin on Chapter 4, and would greatly appreciate any other in-depth critiques like his on any of my writing.  I love feedback.  It makes my brain smile.  You want my brain happy, don’t you? 😀

So until next time, read up, comment, and by all means let me know if there are any writings of yours you’d like critique on as well.  I’d be more than happy to give feedback in return for feedback.  Thanks all, and come again!

~S. Virginia

Chapter 4: The Captains’ Fall

Chapter 4 has been posted, and I suppose you can all guess that it is a sad one.  It is also pretty short, my apologies.  This chapter is one that I am looking for the most critique on because it is short and I feel like these is more to tell, but I don’t know where to expand.  I don’t want it to drag on, but something just feels off to me.  Critique either on the blog or on goodreads very much appreciated.  Find the link here.

In other news, I am reading a new book, and it is fabulous! J.J. Harkin’s apocalyptic story Angels of Apocalypse is poetic, compelling, and fantastical.  And I’m not even past chapter 6 yet!  His narration is just entrancing.  I can’t wait to finish it!  Be ready for a full review in the coming days.

I am going to be VERY busy the next couple days.  That includes today, but I’m giving myself a break and calming down with some writing before bed.  And on that note, I do believe it’s time for some flash fiction writing!  So here to entertain and shock you, here are Luke and Rog again, with another adventure of String Warping for Homosexuals.  And please, if you enjoyed the first installment, please go to this link and vote for #91!

“Rog… Where the hell did you put us this time?”  Luke’s white frill-collar shirt and purple-pink plaid pants were no disguise for his strength.  His grip had already started to cut off Rog’s arm circulation.

He hissed at his perpetually panic-stricken companion.  It was space-black, and even the glow of the warper around his neck seemed to be stifled by the darkness.

“Don’t you shush me, Roger Winkler, I told you to let me try warping us instead of you just guessing around, but no, you just jump us off again and now we’re who kno-”

“Luke! We don’t know what’s out there.  Just keep quiet, I’m going to warp us somewhere we can at least see.”

A few seconds of fiddling with the settings was not enough.  Out of the dark all around them came an ear-rending screech, piercing through them and nearly bringing Luke to break Rog’s arm.  Before Luke got the breath to scream at Rog again, they were surrounded by light… and men.  All in what seemed to be traditional Aboriginal outfits from Old Australia, all with warpers around their necks, and all with old-fashioned weapons, dripping with blood, and all pointed at Rog.

Oh noes!  Well now we know (sorta) where the wound came from in the first installment, but still… what in the world is going on?!  And really, Luke, white frill and plaid pants?  If you’re going to pick up the President of Scotland (don’t yell at me, I know it’s not president over there, this is a different universe, so nyah), at least make it a purple-pink plaid kilt. 😀  Until next time kiddies! Enjoy the new reads, and as always PLEASE CRITIQUE YOUR WRITER! (it’s like tipping your awesome waiter who gave you a free drink, only it’s free to critique me ^_^)

This is becoming an experiment, soooooo

Hello again all, and welcome to the experiment!

My post entitled String Warping for Homosexuals was the most successful post I have done so far.  And I loved the flash fiction style I had to use for the story.  (By the way, if you did enjoy, be sure to vote for Rog and Luke, number 91 on the list at the bottom of the post.)  Because of all the positive interest in this little piece, as well as quite a few inquiries into expanding the story, I’m going to try something different.  For each post I make for the next week or so, I’m going to post flash fiction storyline updates on Rog and Luke.  This will follow the same constraint of 200 words or less per installment.  Also, if anyone follows and thinks of a willy prompt to give me for the next installment, please fell free to drop a comment.  I may include prompts of my own.   They will not be chronological, just little flash excerpts of their travels.  We’ll see how it goes from there.  For now here the newest installment of String Warping for Homosexuals.

Counting to Luke’s raspy snores echoing out the oceanfront cave, Rog figured it had been at least 30 hours since he had last slept.  Another six most likely before he had to fight an hour to get any.  God forbid he as his ADD tag-a-long to play lookout for an hour or two.  A long-withheld snore burst through the cave air, almost startling him right over the edge.  Even in REM, Luke managed to annoy him.

But at least they had finally lost their hunters.  It was the best word Rog could think to describe this situation.  These people were out to kill, and he had no idea why.  That’s how prey feels, doesn’t it?  No questions, just dodge and run.  The arrowhead in his thigh was a testament to that.  At least it didn’t hit his knee, or he wouldn’t have even gotten this far.

“Get off him, bitch! That’s my Marmalade Man!” Rog glared back into the cave at Luke splayed on the floor.  Yep, even in REM.

Sorry there’s not much plot development in this one.  Next post will have some expansion, I promise!

String Warping for Homosexuals

PLEASE do not be offended by the title.  God knows it’s not meant to be rude.

So I found a great writing prompt through a tweet, the original location found here.  I decided to give it a whack, and could you imagine? I’m really liking this silly little clip.  This is usually what happens with me and prompts, instead of making a story, I make a teaser.  Which means I’ll have to continue it sometime, which is even better!   So here is my entry, a compilation of all the prompts in 200 or less words.

            The pain shooting up his leg caught in his throat to the footfalls of a child overhead.  Distant, foreign voices called the footsteps back across the concrete, a chain of giggles fading off after.

“Oh, quit being so up-tight.  You didn’t get me killed, focus on that.”

Luke was still with him. Wonderful.  An arrowhead in his knee and he would still have to put up with the nagger.

“Are you going to get up? Because I am not getting blood on this shirt.  I nearly screamed when we landed in a pile of garbage and snotty kids that last warp.”

“Those kids were homeless and starving, Luke. Can’t you have any sympathy?”

Luke gave him that wicked look as he ripped his pants farther from his wound.

“Sympathy? Rog, you invited me on a simple string jump to hit on the president of Scotland.  We are now on our eighteenth string, one of which had too many wet pears and spooning even for me, no home in sight and some random group of medieval-minded warpers trying to kill us because you forgot to save our home coordinates.  I believe I’m the one in need of sympathy.”

Feedback, as always, very appreciated.  And if you really enjoy the story, please vote for it on the link! I’m number 91!

~S. Virginia