[DISCUSS] I lied, I have a little more to say…

…about Ferguson. But not really about Ferguson, and really the last post wasn’t about it either. It’s not really about race, or crime, or justice. It’s about humans. It’s about us, and finding a way to remember that we are ALL human. So as a follow-up to Charles’ message, here’s mine.

Dear Real White Americans,

Yes, this means you.

Yes, this means you.

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A My Life’s Playlist Rant: Blurred Lines and the Stupidity of Sexism

This is an installment of my series My Life’s Playlist.


Today is a very special edition, a rant edition, analyzing and criticizing the sexist assumptions made about this song and how sad of an example of sexism it is.

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In This Together: A Poem and Poll



Heaven is for all:

atheists, agnostic, yes,

even religious.


You don’t believe me?

Ask the Pope. We all do good

in a true god’s eyes.




NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Fret

equal rights


Don’t you dare to fret or fear.

Don’t you shiver down in here.

The dark beyond the op’ning gate,

it’s just the world come to us, my dear.


We have hidden long and well,

blended into mass of wailing

melted into hell.


Under the oceans, over the hills.

Ran nowhere fast, out of breath

our skin, hardened. Chill,


We crumpled, wrapped each other tight,

waiting for the cloak to catch us;

take us in one bite.


But the cloak embraced with warming touch,

led us to lighted hearth inside,

fed us far too much.


No burning passion but our own we’ve known;

It scares you to our core and bone,

but you and I must grow


and learn to live, smile to the day, to

every face we meet on this road

just in case they, too,


wish to love us as we are, hand

in hand. The night is not our enemy,

but music of the band


which we all must click our heels in time

with: one, two, three four: on and on

and we will be the chime.


We are the breath of fresh air, the new

and the ancient way far forgotten,

forsaken but true.


We are but the two of us, my dear.

Bound forever, lost loves never again, and

never again will we fear.


Don’t you dare to fret or fear.

Don’t you shiver down in here.

The dark beyond the op’ning gate,

it’s just the world come to us, my dear.



I quite like this one. I saw the word “fret” today and the first two lines came to me. No idea where it was going, but started to run with it this evening and it rocketed.



Impossibility: A List

Haven’t had much inspiration this weekend, along with some car problems that were more than distracting. So today, browsing my followed blogs, I came upon a very fun little Daily Prompt: Impossibility. Here is the prompt:


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

I was quite the ambitious little bunny and managed to think of all six. I’ll give a very brief explanation to each, just because I can and I want to keep typing.

  1. The wounds of life leave no scars.  It is not for us to expect the scars of life to disappear, it is only for us to ignore them until you forget where they were in the first place.
  2. To see ‘equality’ used in the proper context.  The conflict on the topic of equality is one which I still don’t understand. I strive to explain to people that giving others equality is not the same as agreeing with them. They can still be equal to you and have differing views. For once, I’d like to talk with someone who agrees.
  3. Political correctness does not make you right.  I live for the day when political correctness is a cursed phrase.
  4. My novel will be a movie someday.  I think Peter Jackson is the only person besides myself who I’d ever give the rights to direct/produce the movie adaptation of my novel, simply because I am writing the novel as an adaptation of the movie in my head. I do enjoy writing screenplays though, so maybe…
  5. Quality over quantity.  The media is proving just how much more people want quantity and don’t give a damn about quality. Someday that will change. Someday.
  6. An orange white mocha.  I have tried so many times to make this drink a reality. There will come a time that science brings us a substance that keeps milk from curdling when mixed with citrus, and when that times comes, I’ll be there with my mug ready. 🙂


Tomorrow I’ll actually have something creative, I swear! XD Until then!