V vs. God: An Analogy on Sin


Remember, remember…

After one of my favorite days of the year, the one day of the year I watch one of my favorite movies of the year in celebration, you’d be hard pressed to guess that I’ve have V on the brain today. Despite the ‘gunpowder, treason, and plot’ swirling ’round my mind all day, I didn’t expect this marvelous story to actually influence my day much. Until I got into a comment thread. I had a very respectable dialogue on Christianity with a Christian who was actually willing to listen and appreciate my views. In the end we agreed to disagree in the most polite terms and went our merry ways. It was extremely refreshing.

I pity dah fool who don't pray fo' fo'giv'ness!

I pity dah fool who don’t pray fo’ fo’giv’ness!

During the dialogue, however, I came upon a revelation. The original topic began regarding people who have never experienced Christianity and what their fate is in the Christian doctrine. The evolved into God’s wants of us in terms of Christianity, and his reward/punishment system for us. The analogy was presented by my discussion companion of a doctor. We humans are ‘infected’ with the virus of sin. God is the doctor specialist who can cure us of this virus if we only go to the office and visit him, and do as he prescribes us. I did admit it was a pretty good analogy…

Except that God is the one who created the virus and infected us in the first place. God allows the existence of the virus of sin, allows us to be vulnerable to that virus (all while having the omnipotent power to destroy the virus of sin, or make us immune to it.) God then develops the cure of salvation for the virus of sin. So God says to himself, “What do?” His decision? Infect his creation with the virus, and then hold the cure over their heads.

Sound familiar? If you haven’t seen V for Vendetta, then I will give you a little plot summary. The current government of England is practically dictatorial, and declares divine inspiration is backing its government. Said government came to power after several very deadly outbreaks of what is later called a biological terrorist attack. The biological attacks, on an elementary school, a subway station, and a water treatment plant, kill over 80,000, and coincidentally happen around the time of the elections. The now-dictator wins the election, and lo and behold, not a month later, a cure to the biological virus is found and mass produced for all. Turns out *SPOILERS* the now-dictator and his lackies developed the virus and the cure themselves (which ends up being the origin of V himself). Once the virus and cure were both in their hands, they debated how best to use both to gain power. One lacky suggests that, to gain the most guaranteed and easily withheld power, they should be used on their own people, not as an act of war against another country. And it works.

You see the parallel now? Let me put it in steps:

  1. Government/God creates virus/sin.
  2. Government/God creates cure/salvation.
  3. Government/God releases virus/sin upon its subjects.
  4. Government/God offers cure/salvation from virus/sin, for a price – total compliance, obedience, and submission.
  5. (And lets not forget the incredibly ridiculous punishments for disobedience…)
Eeny meany miney mo!

Eeny meany miney mo!

What makes the God example worse is that He not only creates the capacity for sin, creates the saving grace from sin, but creates His subjects, we human beings, with the capacity to contract the virus of sin in the first place. All while having the omnipotent power to prevent ALL of it. I know there are people who find comfort in the Christian God and His ways, basically because they think they’re on His good side. I just don’t get it.

HA! And you thought the Christian hell was nasty!

True story.

True story.

So, partially because it gave me SUCH a laugh last night, and partially because I plan on posting another Christian-focused posted immediately after this one, I thought I’d share some excerpts from the Buddhist Scriptures, namely the descriptions of some of the levels of hell in Buddist reincarnations. Ready or not! Continue reading

Put the Who Back in What?


Well, kids, it’s that time of year again. The wind is getting chilly, the grass is getting brown, the trees are stripping down, and the fat man in the red suit is parading through the streets with his big ol’ bag of goodies. I freakin’ love this time of year. I love winter. Snow is the best thing that this amazing planet can produce in my opinion. Fuck diamonds and gold and all that shit. Give me a snow day and I’ll show you someone happier than a dog at a cat rescue.
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The Demise of Empathy

bpd empathy

I’ve been hinting at this post for a quite a few days now, and finally I think I’m ready to start typing. I’ve been running into a serious problem in my daily life lately, and for a while I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. Now I know. Empathy is dying. The actual concept of empathy seems to be seeping out of people day by day, and every time I talk to someone about something, anything, the proof of its slow and subtle demise is even more prominent to me.

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How I see it…


You tell me a story with a moral. You tell me the story is true, and therefore the moral means something. The moral promises happiness if I follow the steps of the story. I tell you I know a different story with the same moral. My story has different steps, more vague, more malleable, and this appeals to me. I don’t know if the story is true or not, but I know that I like it better than yours. It’s just preference, it’s nothing personal against your story.  You stick with yours, I’ll stick with mine and we’ll both get to the same moral at the end. No harm done.
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On the Edge of Myself

I’m on the cusp of something golden here.

You could say I’m phobic of the fall, and that is not merely reserved for the breeze-wobbled stairs up to the water slide. I shrink away balancing_on_the_edgefrom the railings on the second floor of the mall. I hugged the inner walls, eyes clamped tight, and counted my breathing while visiting the Eiffel Tower. I’ve had nightmares of falling forever into the Grand Canyon. And there are times when the cliffs are invisible, and my soul knows not how many more steps until the plunge; that moment of heart in throat, floating in nowhere, a flash of eternity before your bones become dust on the distant floor. Continue reading

That Which Does Not Kill Us, Makes Us Paranoid

Angel of Death from Hellboy II - The Golden Army

Angel of Death from Hellboy II – The Golden Army

Okay kids, lets talk about evil for a minute.

I was trying to give my brain a break today, and jumped on Cracked.com for some comedy to sprinkle into my day. Browsing their newest articles, I came upon the 5 Popular Beliefs That Are Holding Humanity Back. You could imagine this kind of title would intrigue me, and so I went on a little read. I had to pause and go over #3 a few times, for the sheer, understandable sense of it all. Now Cracked always has pretty intelligent and well thought-out pieces, but this one struck me as particularly sensible. It reads “#3 That Evil Is Something We Can Kill.” Continue reading

A Thought: God is Who We Want to Be

Had a thought while following a thread today, and I wanted to share, so I posted it in the thread. I got one response about it, which was very productive I believe. Mind you, this was a philosophical question much more than one about my beliefs, but see what you think of this idea:

"Oh, this is going to be good, I can tell!"

“Oh, this is going to be good, I can tell!”

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