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Strangers And Poetry

Are you the captain,


I’m just the guy

Who sails the boat,

Hopes like hell

It stays afloat,

Are you the poet,


I’m just the guy

The words flow through,

Hopes like hell

They’re sometimes true.

Stephen Nesbitt ©

From “Coincidences”

7:07 PM February 28, 2015

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[POEM] Bagpipes

Do I weep in mourning,

as the bagpipes echo

across the bridge?

Do I weep in reverence,

a life and a friendship

restored in memory?

No, I think not.

There is no logic in tears.

Laugh. Yes, I will laugh.

I will join my laughter

to the joyful beat

of a Ballad

and reflect on the greatest


“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

WordPress Poetry Contest

If anyone is looking for more engaging writing communities to be a part of, this poetry contest is an invitation to such a site, called I’ve joined up and submitted a poem. Will you join us?

Wuji Seshat

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Hello everyone, I’m holding a poetry contest called “Seshat Nibada’s WordPress Challenge” which I invite you all to join.

1. Create an account on
2. Post your best poems
3. Enter them into the contest (on a periodic basis)

The first event starts today February 23rd, 2015:

Once you have created your account on writer’s cafe, go to this link:


Once there, click on Submit.

Also, add me as a friend on Writer’s Cafe: here:

Please comment here if you have decided to join, it’s open to everyone!

I will reward the best fresh authentic poems entered, and will feature the winners here.

Let me know what your wordpress site is and what your identity there is, do please reblog this, retweet this and on facebook as well to invite your friends who may be poets as well,

Thanks, will post details on this blog or…

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[POEM] Home

Crumpled I lay, hugging a can of olives

within my bare cleavage. This is home,

the comfort of openness, exposure, fearing

not what may creep along, unseen, and dart

through my door to take me, sending my snack flying. Of course I would hew

someone down for such edible blasphemy. I’d see them choke

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