[DISCUSS] Community Poetry Collection

Hello all,

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, I’m considering developing a poetry anthology or just general collection of pieces. I have someone willing to review my selections and give me advice per her loads of experience in poetry publication. I’ve published a literary magazine before in college, although it was only a web magazine; you can check that out here. So I have an idea of what needs to go into compilation, design, organization, imagery, etc.

My point in writing this is to ask if any of my poet followers, or other writers out there, would be interested in joining in this publication endeavor; that is to say, if I expanded this collection into a magazine or small book open to submissions, would any of you be interested in submitting to be published with me?

I’d likely need at least one other dedicated person to assist in determining criteria (theme, length restrictions, overall size of publication, etc.), reviewing submissions, designing the format, all those good things. If you’re looking to include publication in your resume, have some work you’ve been contemplating for publication but haven’t gotten to it yet, or have an interest in the publication process in general, let me know down in the comments. I’m really hoping to get some genuine feedback here, so please leave your thoughts below. Thanks so much. Cheers

~Virginiareading the hobbit


7 thoughts on “[DISCUSS] Community Poetry Collection

  1. Reblogged this on The Discussion: Essays and Contemplations and commented:

    A shameless plug from your Editor-in-Chief. I’m looking toward my creative writing comrades interested in joining me in a community-style collection publication. If you are a writer, looking to add publication to your resume, or just someone interested in the publication process willing to help me get this off the ground. Please let me know.


    Editor-in-Chief, The Discussion

    • Hey MS! Sorry for the delayed reply, life is just as hectic as ever. I’d be honored to work with you on this. Let’s talk ‘offline’ and start brainstorming! If you go to my other blog, The Discussion (Recent Posts widget to the right should take you there) there’s a submission form “Contribute to The Discussion.” That will let you share your email without typing it out here. We can network from there and maybe find a live chat platform later. Let me know if that works for you. 🙂 Look forward to working with you!

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