[POEM] —

Poetry is elevator music;

that soothing rhythm beat,

transparent and narcotic

to the step of your lifestreet.

The background sounds

to the introduction of a movement,

something like a tonic

for the itch of your moment.

The purpose of poetry is

not to scream and shout,

not to turn about

the crowd toward your pain,

your rage and tear chains.

The purpose of a poem

can be the poet’s soul,

but poetry

is far too honest

for soul searching.

Poetry is truth;

that time you refused to hesitate any longer,

and erupted into yourself.

Poetry is not polite,

although it can be.

Poetry is not loud,

although it may wish to be.

Poetry is not passionate,

although at times it is necessary.

Poetry is only one thing

for all people:




There is no title for this yet. I saw a Poetry Slam piece that seriously bothered me a few days ago, and I’ve been trying to write a response/rewrite in reaction. The original poem claims that poetry is loud, screaming, controversial, angry, etc. My piece is an attempt to encompass all forms and functions of poetry in terms of meanings. I hope to continue working and playing with this piece. I think it’s important to know the position a poet has on poetry, to further connect with that poet’s work. I hope you enjoy. If you have your own take on poetry, or a take which I have not considered, please let me know in the comments below. Cheers all.


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