[BLOG] The Discussion: Essays and Contemplations

Hello again all.

If you’ve noticed anything different about Virginia the Viruliferous’ main page, you’ll note that there’s a new Widget on the right side bar, a recent posts tab. This is for my new blog, The Discussion. This blog is meant to be an open forum site for essays, articles, and general discussion pieces. It is open to contributor posts, and has a submission form for content if you are interested in submitting a piece. There are no topic restrictions; the only rule is civility in all things. Be civil in how you present your content, and civil in how you discuss that content in the comments. If you miss my old articles and ‘rants’ you may want to follow The Discussion; I hope to delve back into some old topics here. Note, however, that I am open to any topic content, and there may be completely opposing articles posted here as well, even back to back perhaps. That is the nature of this new forum. I hope to see you there, and perhaps see your content posted there someday. Until then, cheers.

*Insert your thought here*

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