[POEM] Three Tankas, Three Words

A raven lands, perched

outside my bathroom window,

watches my awkward

application of makeup

and battle with pantyhose.

I hope my stumbles

hides the grimace on my face:

impending nausea,

the steam-induced want to faint,

my clumsy, primping tango.

The fan whirs, drawing

moisture, both water and sweat,

up and through the vents.

The raven preens, his interest

lost in my own preening dance.


I’ve been browsing my old work, listing my considerations for my anthology. While digging, I found an old poetry challenge I took on with a fellow writer, Drewster, where we gave each other 5 words, and had to write 5 haikus, one for each word. The 5 Words, 5 Haikus Challenge went very well, and I’m still very happy with the product of it. So I decided to rechallenge myself, this time with tankas. I went to a word generator a friend of mine shared with me (the same one I used to get my prompt words for my last short story, The Last Game), and clicked through until I got the words ‘perch,’ ‘faint,’ and ‘draw.’ I hope you all enjoy. Let me know your thoughts and critique in the comments. Cheers!

EDIT NOTE: Apologies for the random dashes between the tankas. I wanted to have it open between each, but for some reason when I enter the code for that break, it disappears when I upload the changes. It is meant to read as one flowing series, not three separate pieces. If anyone has experienced this coding issue and has solutions, please let me know. Thanks!


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