[POEM] Picture It and Write: Refuge

forest circles

~ Forest Sculpture by Spencer Byles

My refuge is patience;

swaying calm, gracious breeze.

The spacious portal opened

to my wakened dreaming.

The moment I am no longer waiting.


I pulled an old favorite form out of the dusty drawer for this one. This is a Yadu poem. You can see my first attempt at the form here. I think I like my first attempt better. I may play with this form a few more times in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to Ermilia for the Picture It and Write series, and to Spencer Byles for the inspirational photography. 🙂 Critique is always welcome.


10 thoughts on “[POEM] Picture It and Write: Refuge

  1. A wonderfully calm-inducing poem. The language is just perfect. Beauutiful. I am not a poet, so I’ll need to look up exactly what a Yadu poem involves – and have a look at your pingback.

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