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brace yourselves resolution meme

Well all, another year, more time to live. I suppose it’s the cliche thing more than the sincere thing to say I’ve made a few ‘resolutions,’ but is it fair to just give them another name? Objectives? Goals? Self-demands? Whatever you want to call them, I’ve made a few for myself; four to be exact.

First, I’ve neglected myself physically long enough. I’m going to get in shape, and not in a ‘dieting’ way that will leave me skinny for a week and then twice my heavy weight in a month. I’m going to start with walking at work. The goal by the end of next week is to walk a segmented mile every day throughout my workday, at least 2 glasses of water every day as well as 1 glass of tea with breakfast (instead of coffee with tons of flavored creamer), and some kind of exercise at my desk like angled push-ups or leg rises. For food, I looked over some options and found a food plan of sorts which I think will work well with my brain. It’s called Volumetrics, and it basically breaks down any kind of food into one of four categories, each representing a different calorie-to-volume ratio. You can eat any kind of food, no meal plans necessary. It essentially makes you calorie count without actually counting the calories directly from the box, and as you keep those ratios in mind, you eventually make your eats choices according to them a habit instead of a dieting chore. My goal is 140 lbs by Otakon, so I can do justice to Kanami.

Second, I’ve neglected myself professionally long enough. That may be more dramatic than it really is, considering I’ve only had my current job for about 2.5 years, however between the commute, the infuriating bureaucracy holding the best of myself and my coworkers back, and the slow-coming realization that there is no future for me there, a change must happen. I’m getting into the writing business, somehow, somewhere, even if it must be in the dreaded world of journalism. Who know? Maybe my influence can help journalism grow back into a word of meaning and respected purpose, a concept of educating the masses instead of commanding them. I will have a new job this year, and I’m hoping I can expect that to happen by June.

Third, I’ve neglected myself creatively long enough. My novels are suffering, primarily my Elaseim work. It pains me to think how long it’s been. I finally got back into it, and got half a chapter written out in a day last week. I’m going to keep that momentum going. I will have at the very least 1/4 of my Elaseim novel written out in draft by the end of the year. I’ve also been letting my poetry slide, and hope to find some milestones to aspire to for the year in that arena as well. A high goal for my poetry would be to publish a collection before the year is out of old and new material. I’ll also be looking into active and critique-willing writing groups, especially for my poetry for now. My general portfolio is very lacking to say the least. What writing I have done for my current job is not useable in my portfolio, and so it is essentially non-existent. My college portfolio writings are amateur and no longer the style of professionalism I am holding myself to currently. This will need fixing as well.

Fourth, finally, and to pull from the objectives of point three, I’ve neglected myself mentally long enough. I need some balance in my life right now. Marriage brought me some of that, but my loving husband cannot do everything for me, especially not in this area. I need to make things even out for myself, and to do that, I’m starting right here. I am starting a second blog. This blog will remain active, and I hope will also be active, as a poetry and creative writing space. My new blog will be primarily for articles, editorial columns, and general essays which I will pull from when in need of portfolio references. Although this is the most important objective for me personally, it is at the bottom of this list for a reason. This is not only my most passionate of goals, but is the least important to my objective future. My health will determine my longevity in this world. My career will be the foundation of my ability to be happy outside of my profession, and my creativity not only enables my career, but must be healthy and strong in itself for my mental balance to be of any personal worth.

So that’s the defining factors of me this year. I’ll post a link to my new blog as soon as I can. Cheers, all.




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