[MUSIC] All About That…


This is what we need right now. We need to talk. We need to sit down, like civilized human beings, and talk about this on a level playing field. We need to talk about the reasons behind the actions, not the reasons of the individuals, but the reasons of the demographics. We need to ask why the victims did not listen to the police. We need to ask why the police pulled  the trigger instead of talking it out, or pulling out the taser or the pepper spray. We need to ask how to address the answers to these questions, how WE the people will fix them. Legislation is not going to solve these problems. Law enforcement is not going to solve these problems. Video cameras and social media are not going to solve these problems. We must solve them, and to do that, we gotta talk about ’bout race.

So talk. There’s the comment box. Go.

One thought on “[MUSIC] All About That…

  1. Hi Rana,

    Long time no see! I was wondering when you were going to show up! Busy summer/fall I guess eh?
    FYI, I started my own blog on wordpress called TheBoastfulBlasphemer (I tried to be as non-confrontational as possible, lol) if you ever want to check it out.
    Anywho, I dropped by to make a comment about this whole Ferguson situation. I’ve been getting a little annoyed with some of the facebook posts from friends that I’ve been seeing lately about “No Justice, No Peace” and others having pages of young black men who have been gunned down by Police officers in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to smear the integrity of Law Enforcement. Are there policemen/women who are corrupt or perhaps not very suitable for their job? Of course! Name me a profession that doesn’t have such people. Does this mean that all police officers are that way? No. Does this mean that there was some kind of miscarriage of justice in this case? No. What matters is the facts and the evidence. From numerous sources that I have read online, all the evidence, including the autopsy results, supports Officer Wilson’s version of events. The eye witness testimony was inconsistent, contradictory and in some cases, whole-cloth fabricated. It would have been nothing short of irresponsibility on the part of the Attorney General’s office to attempt to secure and indictment because it would have been a complete waste of everyone’s time and money. There would have been a 0% chance that a guilty verdict at a trial could ever have been reached. Everything that was presented to the Grand Jury, would have presented at a trial. The standards of a trial are even more strict than a grand jury (i.e. a unanimous verdict instead of 9 out of 12 majority)
    But that’s not enough for some people. We need to have news articles about how “some” or even “a lot” of people in Ferguson view the Prosecuting Attorney (Bob McCulloch) as corrupt or “the face of injustice”. Apparently he “wasn’t even trying to secure a conviction” and he “has a long history of protecting police in such cases” and other nonsense. Oh and his dad (a police officer) was killed by a criminal in the line of duty, therefore Bob must be a rogue vigilante, with a secret agenda and a chip on his shoulder right? Of course, that must be it.
    Then of course, what would all this be without the opportunistic, demagogue Al Sharpton showing up and adding his 2 cents? He needed to remind everyone that these are “Human beings!” – As if we didn’t already all know that. Old Al’s gotta come out and remind everybody how there’s something inherently wrong with law enforcement and there’s some horrible attitudes because so many cops are just gunning down black civilians at will and there don’t appear be any consequences. As long as people adhere to this ridiculous mob-mentality and 100% racist white-dominated law enforcement conspiracy nonsense, nothing will be done because nobody takes garbage like that seriously. They can’t.

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