[DISCUSS] I lied, I have a little more to say…

…about Ferguson. But not really about Ferguson, and really the last post wasn’t about it either. It’s not really about race, or crime, or justice. It’s about humans. It’s about us, and finding a way to remember that we are ALL human. So as a follow-up to Charles’ message, here’s mine.

Dear Real White Americans,

Yes, this means you.

Yes, this means you.

Please, calm down.

Please, do not assume.

Do not give power to the stereotypes which YOU allow to persist around the black population of this country.

We are the ones who avert eye contact when passing a black person on the street. We are the ones who assume bad behavior when we see a black boy walking down the street in casual clothes. We are the ones who make it hard for black people step up and beyond the stereotype in our eyes.

Yes, there are those black people who DO live the stereotype, but they are not the majority, and we should not socially punish all blacks because of the bad behavior of the few. We don’t do it to other white people, despite the fact we are the majority for mass shooters and serial killers in this country.

We have just as much responsibility to abolish racism and perceived stereotypes thereof as any other race in this country. If you stand for equality among men, then you must prove it! You must STAND beside your brothers, your sisters, your friends in equality.

Smile to anyone you meet. Assume the good, not the bad, and when you do come across the bad you will catch them off guard, and maybe, just maybe, give them the foundation to rise above their own behavior and abolish the stereotype within themselves.

And if this is already how you conduct yourself in life, keep at it! Do not be discouraged! Do not allow the acts of a few personified and exemplified by the media deter your good nature or demean your kindness toward others. Allow this to be a motivator to spread your kindness farther than ever before, and quash these stereotypes by defying them.

Kindness can be just as contagious as chaos.

And we all deserve kindness,

no matter the stereotypes which surround us, our characteristics, our interests, and our unchangeable personal qualities.

We are all human,

and we all deserve better than this.




One thought on “[DISCUSS] I lied, I have a little more to say…

  1. Don’t assume . . . that’s one of the biggest problems today. Everybody always assumes that stereotypes about Black, White, Asian, African, Middle Eastern are true, and before they get to know that person, they judge the entire group based on those stereotypes.

    We all deserve kindness, like you said. We all deserve others to get to know us before judging. And even then, they shouldn’t judge. It’s not their place.

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