[POEM] Clunker Love

You see, I’m all about this packed trunk,

all about this wide front,

all about this faded, bubbled, rusty old paint job.

It’s not about the glamor and the glitz and a rim job.

What matters is the rumble of the bass and that hot rod

engine bay.

Ride away,

give you the kind of trip that you remember with a mix tape.

Cherish, play;

that’s the way.

Or you know what you can do, babe?

Just keep yourself right next to me,

and we’ll just ride into the sunset holding on for dear life.

That’s just what you do

what looks don’t matter. You

are the feeling that I love inside me,

I give you the rush you’re looking for. Really,

what we all want now

is to know just how

to trust

in us

with all our windows down.

That’s what makes me beautiful;

the shine of your eye lights’ magical

against my seated skin.

We’re moving in,

and my heart revs deep for you.

I hope I get your motor running, too.

And watch us burn the rubber hard,

tacking on the memory miles,

and rusting away in each others’ arms

until the junk yard calls.


The above was inspired by love and by this awesome song, All About That Bass. I hope you enjoyed. I will be attempting to post more now that I’ve settled slightly into married life and moving has ceased. Stay tuned. Cheers all. ๐Ÿ™‚


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