[POEM] ‘Scuse Me: Part 2

‘Scuse me,

but you seem in need

of some motivation

and self-esteem.

My dear beauty,

deserving to be a queen,

how I wish you could see

the damsel of grace

staring back at me.

With eyes so teary,

you turn away

while everyone tries to wipe them clean.

Pardon me

if you catch me

in a dream

of meeting you,

you meeting me.

Please tour me

around the things you’ve grown tired or seeing

and make them new to you

for me.

Then follow me

to the boredom of my every-day

and you’ll witness something new

something interesting

and something uplifting

to see.

Or, you know, we

can just talk about what

makes you you and

makes me, well, me,

and we can both see

the reality

of what makes us


and free.


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