[POEM] ‘Scuse Me: Part 1

‘Scuse me,

would be willing to

peruse me?

Give some seconds

so I can release me?

I’ve been so cooped up

in me,

but I don’t mean to be

a tease.

See, this isn’t like me,

talking to someone

with no interest in me,

which would be everybody,


So could you please

amuse me,

be a muse for me

to cut loose from these chains

and break away

to skies open, free,

to deep deep seas

and escape the me

that I’ve become


Introduce me

to that dame you see

in the mirror

in front of me.

Maybe I can pick

some tricks

and flex my hips

just the way they

expect of me,

and I’ll finally know what it means

to be something better than me

and maybe

be happy.


One thought on “[POEM] ‘Scuse Me: Part 1

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