[DISCUSS] ‘Scuse Me

So, if you didn’t notice, I just pumped out a 2-parter poem titled ‘Scuse Me parts 1 and 2. These were spurred on by a post I saw on Facebook. You see, ironic contrary to my religious position, I follow God on Facebook! There’s a lot of people who post on God’s wall for giggles, to condemn Him for mocking… Himself, and for genuine help in their lives. You’d be surprised how many people He’s given a helping hand to who just need someone to talk to or someone to listen. He’s very attentive on all of this, and there are many times that a bunch of people will come together to brighten people’s days. It’s really a great thing.

depressionWell, today I decided to just browse the recent posters, and this one girl’s comment caught my eye. She was pretty blunt that she was tired, or herself, or everything around her, and that she felt like no one was listening. She lives in Australia, and her profile is full of gorgeous views from hiking and a beautiful dog to enjoy it with. God was the only one who had commented back to her, and so I decided to just give a few words of encouragement, and hoped that I helped her just that little bit more.

For some reason, it was sticking with me for the rest of the evening. It’s heartbreaking to think that someone could feel so down that they would be willing to throw away the most valuable thing in the universe, their own life. I felt compelled to write a poem in her shoes, some minute piece of her perspective, and put myself there. And then I wanted to bring her and myself back out, so I made it a 2-parter. I felt intimate about that second piece, because you’re not just lifting someone’s mood, you’re lifting their whole soul, their whole being, out of a well. You can’t do that with arms outstretched and limited contact. You have to embrace and hold tight, and that’s what I tried to do here.

So that’s my poetry spin tonight. Time for some sleep. Goodnight all, and everyone remember that you’re the most precious thing in the universe, and never let anyone tell you different.



One thought on “[DISCUSS] ‘Scuse Me

  1. I read your two part poem, and to me it read like a song-or rather the lyrics to a song. Which is good, after all, every great songwriter is marrying poetry to music.

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