[DISCUSS] Sometimes, I just hate people…

So, there is a story going around about a Texan couple that caught an animal and claimed it to be a chupacabra. They got on the local news, seemingly having kept the animal in a trap outside for at least a day or more, dumping food on its head and insisting chupacabras are real and living in their backyard.


Well, kids, this is why we need to take biology and anatomy class. This is a raccoon. A bloody raccoon with a severe case of mange and a nutrition problem. A simple Google image search for manged raccoon will bring up at least 15 other raccoons with mange which match this poor little guy. After feeding it unnatural foods, no water, no shelter from the elements due to the style of its trap-cage, and no veterinary assistance, the couple was told to either release the animal or have it put down. It was euthanized.

Although I don’t argue the necessity of putting an animal in pain out of its misery, the extra misery it was put through while contained frustrates me to no end. That people can be so selfish and in want of publicity, or simply so ignorant of the reality of the world around them to not realize what this animal really way, puts me on edge.

Please, if you find an animal, catch one, whatever, and you don’t know what it is, call your local game warden or police station and find out immediately. Don’t keep it, assume it’s something special or magical or rare, and exploit it to the animal’s suffering. Please.


3 thoughts on “[DISCUSS] Sometimes, I just hate people…

  1. I sometimes think that every guy with a fair understanding of biology, astronomy, math, and science in general, should have to volunteer for a couple weeks of service, ummm, getting lucky at bars, get togethers and church socials in Texas…In an effort to raise the average IQ there.

    This is sorta kinda a joke…and sorta kinda not. When you see stupid like this even the crazy ideas have merit.

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