[POEM] The Curse

Whatever makes you happy –

this has become the phrase

to be etched in my tombstone.

My opinion is never what matters

in the end,

and for this, I fall and falter and flail myself

to the feet of those who

wouldn’t have cared.

My wants are my own,

and have no place in the sight of others,

and so I lay myself hidden

behind a willing smile

and a bowing head.

But now I lift this curse.

No more.


Needed a vent poem today. Probably more insight into the why later, when I have more time. For now, the poem stands. No more.

3 thoughts on “[POEM] The Curse

  1. We’ve all been there, Rana, trying to please others at our own expense. But it is possible to walk in your own power while showing compassion to others. And in my humble opinion, it is owning your personal truth that really matters. Hang in there!

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