[POEM] Conscious

Pull me as lotion from the well

and lay me in a cradle of dwarfing stars.

I want away from the sunbeams’ incessant embrace.

Let breathing be the only conscious thought.

Weary am I of eyes wide open –

the unconscious scratches at the doors.

Untie me from this wakened state;

I will let the scratching cease and

welcome in dreams eternal.

Wrap me in nihility,

for I am exhausted by being ever-roused.

All I want now is sleep.


Sorry for the pretty abrupt ending, but for me it works just perfectly. For the past 3 days I’ve been running on less than 7 hours of sleep. It wasn’t that I wasn’t tired, I just could not for the life of me sleep. I’ve never experienced insomnia before, and I will NEVER experience it again. Sleeping meds will be forever my friend, even if I never need it again. It’s absolute torture to just sit there for hours, exhausted through-and-through, and not be able to just rest. Last night, I finally crashed (along with the help of some NyQuil), so I’m better now. But I had to put that misery into something readable, so this is it. Seriously, anyone out there with insomnia issues, I don’t know how you do it as a condition. Now pardon me, while I go….

Garfield Sleep


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