[POEM] A Needed Stream

Stream of consciousness

Conscious decision

Decide upon your path

Path of life

Life or death

Dead to the world

World made whole

Holes in time

Time beyond measure

Measuring love

Love me, love you

You are the one

One in a million

Millions of stars

Stars beyond count

Count the ways

Way more than you can imagine

Imagine it

It’s almost here

Here we are

Are you ready

Ready the weapons

Weapons of war

War on reality

Reality makes me small

Small enough to fit

Fit me in your bag

Bag me up and take me away

Away and far along

Along the brick road

Road to tomorrow

Tomorrow is another day

Day we’ve been waiting for

For all our lives

Live together

Together forever

Forever with me


[POEM] Nerd Girl: A Limerick

There once was a girl with no spleen,

and despite being overly-clean,

she puked when she sneezed,

had a terrible wheeze,

yet somehow grew up to be Queen.



I’ve always hated limericks, but for some reason I’m falling for them. Just not funny ones. I’m bad at being funny. Laugh in kind sympathy and move along, my friends. I’m going to go take some cold meds and pass out a bit.

[DISCUSS] Happy Medium: The Universe as God

I was lying awake the other night, listening to myself breathing and waiting for the weight of my eyelids to send me off into the black abyss of sleep. I started to observe the nature of what constitutes breathing, the constant of in-and-out, the expansion and contraction of the lungs to circulate oxygen to the body. This little observation of myself led to my brain having a spark that bolted me back up and awake. The below is my attempt to get this spark into words.

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