[DISCUSS] Talent is like seasonings…

A random little thought occurred to me while eating a particularly boring soup this afternoon for my lunch: salt is becoming like mediocrity.


People think the more you use it, the better off we’ll be. When you go out to a big-chain, sit-down restaurant, everything you put in your mouth is salted to death. Practically half the flavor of everything you eat is just salt. It is the same with mediocrity. People encourage mediocrity in society, feigning it as equality. The greatness of people is covered up by the mediocre, the want to celebrate all people, and therefore celebrate the lowest common denominator so no one feels left out. In the culinary field, salt is encouraged as the go-to for quick and easy flavor enhancement for all foods; no need to learn the finer seasonings which could make an okay dish spectacular. So long as everything is palatable, everyone wins.

The seasonings are like the talented of society. They are being thrown to the wayside as unnecessary, and even shunned as pompous. Seasonings can be expensive, they require a more honed finesse and expertise to use, and they make an okay dish into a magnificent adventure of the taste buds. But why encourage such things like being better when all foods can just be salted into something acceptable and mass-producible? In the same way, the talented people of the world set a higher standard for other people, especially in the school setting. These talented people go to school longer, to hone their skills to the highest caliber, making their salaries more expensive to pay. If given the chance and not held back by the status quo of intelligence, they can reach beyond the stars of human knowledge and better the lives of all those people in this world. But for the possible cost of lowering the self-esteem of a few mediocre minds, all these brilliant people are held back, and so society suffers, just as the dinner menu does.

People, stop eating salt. It’s a half-ass cooking job, not good cooking. And when you taste that truly seasoned steak and potatoes with a little touch of salt and plenty of onion and garlic and parsley, you’ll never go back.

People, stop encouraging mediocrity. The mediocre minds of this world do not stimulate our future, they hold it back. Those who cannot comprehend quantum physics can find other lines of work. Do not deny those who can develop new quantum theories simply for the sake of the feelings of those people who can’t. It’s not worth our future to demean superior intellects. And when we have released the bonds of higher education and understanding from these incredible minds, we’ll never revert back again.


5 thoughts on “[DISCUSS] Talent is like seasonings…

    • Sort of! I love the concepts, but I have NO idea about the math. I can’t calculate any of that stuff for shit, let alone read it when it’s already written out. XD

  1. Hey Rana,

    Is this coming from just a general observation (which I quite agree with) or has this post stemmed from something more personal?
    I think the whole problem stems from the fact that people are intimidated by intelligent and learned people. Then there are people (like RT for example) who are more than content to remain as ignorant as the day is long and really, truly, genuinely believe that they already have the answers to life’s big questions and that we already have all the information we need to know.
    The trick is making science interesting – which is very hard to do! Quantum physics for example is massively complicated and a very small percentage of people actually understand it and can work in the field.
    I’ll be doing my small part in the near future. LOL. I’ve got a Lawrence Krauss and a Stephen Hawking book to read so I hope to be slightly less ignorant than I was before I read them!

    • Hey Ashley! I don’t think this is anything personal, just observation of the world and how the education system in particular is starting to completely collapse under the pressure of entitlement and political correctness. I don’t think it’s that people are intimidated by knowledge. I think people are misconstruing what equality means, and taking it to mean that all people should be on the same plain at all times. For someone to be smarter than someone else is to be higher than someone else intellectually, but people see this as a threat of inequality of the mind. This selfish misconception alongside the judicial system which has simply become the principal’s office of the country, creates a place where mediocrity thrives and talent is stifled.

      • Hi Rana,

        I very much get where you’re coming from. This brings to mind a recent Yahoo article I read about a month ago. A school in Calgary has eliminated the Honor Roll so as not to “hurt the feelings” of the students that didn’t have good enough grades to be included on that list. So rather than celebrate the people who are intelligent and hard working, we choose to be politically correct. We are doing our children a disservice. I’ve had this conversation with my step daughter. In the last month or so, she’s been sleeping in, not doing her chores and was missing project due dates and homework. We’ve since had some success on the projects and homework front but not so much with the chores and sleeping in (although I promised her a rather simple reward on Friday, if she could get up on time, do her chores, etc today -and guess who was up and ready to go to school about 1 hour earlier than they had to be?!?!?) So I feel I just have to work on the punishments/incentive program. But what I am trying to instill in her is that her mother and I won’t always be around to make sure she does everything she needs to. When she gets to university, she’s not gonna get that second and third chance that her teachers are giving her now. Being late 2 or 3 times a week will not be tolerated by an employer. It’s not ok do just “do whatever” and “not worry about it” because that’s not what life is like, no matter how many honor rolls are eliminated.
        This is the whole problem with the mentality of mediocrity that you’ve posted. It has become about being politically correct and ensuring that we don’t “offend” anyone or “hurt their feelings” or being “respectful” – but what about the people who deserve that recognition? What of their feelings? Those apparently don’t deserve to be taken into consideration.
        I haven’t given too much thought about this, but it appears as though now, parents are the last line of defence. If they don’t think a child should fail or has done anything wrong, they’ll never learn their lesson. I fear that we are going to get an increasing wave of ever-more ignorant, lazy, apathetic and proud-of-it, do-nothings through out all of society. I know we need quickie-mart workers, but there’s only so many of those jobs to go around! We need people to make cars and airplanes safe and toothpaste that doesn’t poison us too!

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