[POEM CHALLENGE] Animate the Inanimate

The other day, you all saw the product of a very clever and stimulating poetry challenge presented to me by my new follower, Drewster, on my Make Me Your Pawn request page. Today I am reciprocating the challenge with a challenge of my own! Let’s see what you can do with this, Drewster! 🙂


Animating the Inanimate Challenge: I will present you with a name and an inanimate object. Your challenge is to write a loving ode to that inanimate object, developing a personality to the object’s form and function based on the name it is given.

For example, if your object was a vitamin bottle, and its name was Charlotte, your job would be to write a poem to that bottle, and develop a personality for that bottle based on the name Charlotte. A Charlotte may be a name you associate with clumsiness, or patience, or possibly a strong sense of self. Paint the picture of that name in words, but be sure to relate that personality back to what the name represents, the inanimate object.

Your challenge object is… an unmade puzzle in its box. Your challenge name is… Sherman.

Good luck! When you’ve finished the challenge, issue an object and name to me! 🙂 Let the challenge BEGIN!

P.S.! – If anyone else is interested in taking on this challenge, be my guest! Just be sure to pingback this post so I know you gave it a try. 😉 Also, if anyone is confused about the prompt itself, let me know. It works in my head, I’m hoping it makes sense on the screen. XD


4 thoughts on “[POEM CHALLENGE] Animate the Inanimate

  1. I wasn’t sure which direction to take this, but felt I should try to rise to the challenge. Below is my attempt at animating the inanimate.

    Brought into a world that didn’t understand you
    Sometimes, you were out of reach
    Others fought over you

    Mommy tried her best
    Daddy did everything in his power
    A family divided

    Parades of therapists tried shaping you

    they tried getting in
    but couldn’t

    You have to see the whole picture
    Start with the edges
    and move in!

    you will remain

    an unmade puzzle in its box

    p.s. your challenge object is: finger bowl your challenge name: Wendell

    • Drew! Very nicely done! Sorry for the delayed reply, the holiday had me going nuts. I’ll get on your retort challenge soon. Should be very entertaining! XD

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