[POEM CHALLENGE] 5 Words, 5 Haikus

Challenge-Accepted-Barney-StinsonMost of you know I have a little page on my blog called Make Me Your Pawn. It is essentially a request page, where you can suggest a topic for my rant about, or a poem prompt for me to try. The other day I received more of a friendly challenge from a great writer and new follower, drewster55. He presented a 5 word Haiku Challenge: with the 5 words provided, write 5 haikus, and as a bonus challenge, try to make all the haikus fit into one theme.

I love this challenge! You all know how much I love haikus, and anything to broaden my haiku horizons makes my day. So I took it a tiny step further with the bonus challenge, and made a linked haiku, still with all 5 words, and only one of those words per haiku. I did cheat a tad with this simply because I got on a roll and couldn’t figure out how to end it on the last haiku with the challenge words, so I added a final haiku to wrap it up which doesn’t include one of the words. Drewster will have to be the judge if I’m disqualified. 🙂

So, without further ado, here is my Haiku Challenge Poem:



The once wriggling

parasite of the womb, now

emerges in bouts

of cantankerous

wails and greedy fingers that

grasp forth to the sky.

In time, the shapes take

their meanings; asparagus

becomes enemy.

But then comes dreaded

maturity; no more time

for fights with cowboys.


lost to the rebel against

reality. Why

imagine what is

beyond the sky when you can

fly and conquer it?

I hope you all enjoyed it! I’m quite happy with it myself. (If you couldn’t guess, the bold words in the poem were the words for the challenge.)

And now! To return the favor! Drewster, it’s your turn! For your 5 words, I give you these:

  • respond
  • staunch
  • saffron
  • patibulated
  • epitaph

Good luck and have fun! I can’t wait to see what you do with these! And thank you very much for the challenge! If anyone else would like to give me suggestions, don’t hesitate to use the Make Me Your Pawn page at the top of my main page. Cheers everyone!


7 thoughts on “[POEM CHALLENGE] 5 Words, 5 Haikus

  1. The challenge is met. The masses shall decide who wins this event. Calling all purveyors of fine words and all haikuists. Behold! The response below:

    My words were: respond, staunch,saffron
    ,patibulated, epitaph


    Life begins as cells
    They respond to stimuli
    Dividing; growing

    Staunch cellular walls
    Chemicals dance within, then

    Blooming like saffron
    Fecundity traded for
    Full maturation

    Culled for the harvest
    Life’s patibulated as
    pictures on a wall.

    Think of your impact
    On those around you. What will
    be your epitaph?

    p.s. This was fun!

    • O_O Daaaamn son, you win! XD That was fantastic! I couldn’t even begin to think what you’d do with those words! I thought I was being mean! Haha! We’re going to have to do this more often!

  2. Thank you! This all started with your “pawn” page. It inspires the challenge. I will leave the next challenge for you to create. You can pick the format (poem, haiku, short story, etc.) and the constraints (alliteration, word limits, must-include vocabulary,etc.) and I will see what I can come up with. We can share these challenges with our readers. We don’t have to hog all of the word nerd fun. Sound good?

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