[POEM] About

snowing again

I was going to write a poem

about you

when this warning sign came up

and blew

tiny snowflakes all over my page.

“I’m sorry, no,”

I said to the blog-gods who commanded

these woes.

“I don’t need to remind the world that

is snows.”

Off I must go and rectify this obnoxious


of white pixels come floating down the screen.

And lo!

It takes but a few moments and clicks and

I’m oh so

content with the lack of synthetic season.

But I go

back to the blank page dedicated to you and

no flow

of words will come from my fingers.

I lost you

in the blizzard of annoyance, of obviousness

and cold,

and now I cannot regain you, the inspiration

of my soul.


Who at WordPress thought it was a good idea to make the ‘snowing on your webpage’ default to yes? I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that everybody knows that 1) it’s December, 2) that means it’s winter, and so 3) it’s going to be snowing! So thank you, WordPress, for ruining the poem I had in my head previously, and replacing it with a rant poem about the stupidity of default approving the snowfall on my page. Thanks a lot.

And by the way, it wouldn’t have been that big a deal if it hadn’t been a poem about my favorite poet, who I got the humble chance to meet the other day, and who I’ve never been able to write about with any form of rightful praise until now… oh wait, no, I didn’t get to write any of that rightful praise down, now did I?!?!?! -.-

I’ll be back with something about that adventure, although probably not in poem form now, in a few.


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