[DISCUSS] Discriminating Cake


So I’m sure most of you have seen the story about the homosexual couple who were denied their wedding cake by a baker who claimed it was against his beliefs to support their marriage by making them a cake. The baker was then sued by the couple, who won the case in court, and now the baker doesn’t have a choice but to make the couple a cake.

Well, according to Fox News, the result of this lawsuit is “The Death of Free Enterprise.”

Now let me start this by being devil’s advocate, shall I? Because in my view, everyone involved in this situation is a jerk. A massive jerk. Continue reading

[POEM CHALLENGE] 5 Words, 5 Haikus

Challenge-Accepted-Barney-StinsonMost of you know I have a little page on my blog called Make Me Your Pawn. It is essentially a request page, where you can suggest a topic for my rant about, or a poem prompt for me to try. The other day I received more of a friendly challenge from a great writer and new follower, drewster55. He presented a 5 word Haiku Challenge: with the 5 words provided, write 5 haikus, and as a bonus challenge, try to make all the haikus fit into one theme. Continue reading