[DISCUSS] Christmas: What it Claims to Mean, What it Can Mean, and What it Should Mean

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What Christmas Claims: Christmas is currently celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Christianity. It is considered one of the most important holidays of the Christian year, behind Easter. All celebrations which revolve around December 25th are automatically assumed to be Christian celebrations of Christ’s birth. This, however, can cause conflict when non-Christians portray celebratory displays of Christmas cheer. The phrase “Keep Christ in Christmas” comes up often (and if you didn’t see it before, you can check out all the other beefs I have about this phrase on a previous blog post I made).

What Christmas Can Be: See the graphic above. Many of the traditions of Christmas are not Christian in origin at all, but are very old pagan traditions. Even the holiday itself can be attributed to a pagan celebration. When compared to the pagan traditions and stories of the gods of the time period, all of the stories of Christ from the Bible can actually be considered references of other gods or god-like heroes of pagan mythology.

What Christmas Should Be: You listen to the holiday jingles and hymns, and one common vein among them all is, “Good will toward men.” Why can this not be the true theme of this time of year? Should this not be what we are focusing on, the love of all men and the unity of humanity under the common banner of genuine appreciation and love for those of the same species? Why should it matter if some people join in the holiday cheer simply because they agree with the message, but not necessarily agree with the religious stigma that is forced behind it?

Take this as an example: the Jewish Santa Claus.

This is what the season should be about; sharing goodness and love to all people, regardless of religion or any other aspect of us as individual human beings. We are man, and we can love each other. It’s not about stealing each others’ traditions, it’s not about not respecting the current religious implications of the day being celebrated. It’s about the celebration of uniting mankind in love. Isn’t that enough for us to disregard whether someone is celebrating the holiday under particular religious obligations or simply celebrating for the sake of the message? To me, this should be enough.

So a call of well wishes to you all during this fine season of love and equality. May we all remember the purpose and true message of this holiday season, and let us not get wrapped up in the doctrine of the day.


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