The True Purpose Of Beliefs

An absolutely brilliant philosophical observation that I had to share.

The Buddha's Hotdog

When it comes to beliefs, all along, we have been drinking from the wrong side of the cup.

Beliefs are not meant to be tools for recording reality, they are meant to be for creating it.

Beliefs shape reality more than reality shapes beliefs.

We are not rational, truth-calculating machines. We don’t believe things because they are true, but rather because they provide a psychological payoff. And we act in ways to bring about or reinforce their truth.

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2 thoughts on “The True Purpose Of Beliefs

  1. If we fail to begin with reality before running off in creativity, we will not want what we have created! Think Obamacare for instance, which began with what they wanted and was built upon flawed principles that were not rooted in reality. I think it is a great error to think we can fashion reality. Rather, we can choose how we relate to reality. Reality does not change based on our beliefs – only our relationship to it. Reality is not relative to our personal beliefs. In fact, it will test our beliefs. Take the guy tripping on LSD who sincerely believes he can fly. He will smash on the pavement just the same.

  2. Rana,

    My opinion is that beliefs are also a tool used to cope with reality. Some people can’t handle that they’re gonna die or that their parents or friends or other loved ones are gonna die, so they make up belief systems to help them cope with that distressing fact. Other people also can’t handle that sometimes (for a lot of people around the world), life just isn’t fair, the good guy doesn’t always win and the bad guy doesn’t always get punished, so they make up beliefs to help them feel better about that aspect of reality too.
    We most certainly are not rational, truth-calculating machines. We are about 1/2 a chromosome away from being a chimpanzee and I am afraid to say, it shows.

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