[DISCUSS] True dialogue, bro…

A past professor, and now friend of mine, posted a little rant about just how far we’re falling in our self-awareness department as Americans. I’d like to share his observation and my response.

Professor X: So Cover Girl has put out a line of make up in honor of the make up worn in the capital in the Hunger Games. But the make up worn in the capital was to highlight the capital’s complete lack of awareness and empathy toward the plight of the external world. Could Americans really lack self awareness to that great an extent. I mean… Holy crap!!! Do we have any self awareness what so f’n ever?!!!….maybe it’s a joke? That’s it. It has to be a joke!!! Has to be!!!

Me: Wow… just… wow. I mean, I thank whatever stardust crumpled up on this little rock and manifested into my pitiful self for doing so at this time and in this country, but MAN sometimes I just beg reality to pick up the pace so time machines can be a thing and I can gtfo of here. -.-

And now I shall allow my patriotic depression to lull me to sleep. G’night all.

Oh, the hope-shattering irony of it all...

Oh, the hope-shattering irony of it all…

3 thoughts on “[DISCUSS] True dialogue, bro…

  1. Self-awareness be damned! There’s money to made people. LOTS of money. The Hunger Games was a sucessful movie and Cover Girl wants to capitalize on it. They couldn’t care less about the message of the movie or the meaning behind any imagery contained within. We are slowly transforming into a society (a world perhaps) where ignorance and mob mentality are things to be very proud of. Just look at all of the “reality” tv shows that fill the tv air waves. Could there be anything more vapid and pointless than that?

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