[POEM] Toward Flames and Waterfalls

horsetail fall yosemite california fire firefall waterfall 2

As we walk

toward flames and waterfalls,

remember always

the feel of my hand in your palm.

That feeling will remain

through fire

and water,

’til the valleys open before us,

and mountains rise

to great our weary soles.

Even in times of distraction,

moments beyond comprehension,

when your will

overpowers your senses,

when your duty

leads your memory to slip.


no longer will you hold the title,


A knight looks to his maiden from afar.

Side by side,

we are king and queen

of the kingdom that is our world,

this dirt ball

revolving ever on

in rhythm with the sun

and moon.

And evermore

our hands will be intertwined,

our souls will dance

to the twinkling of the stars,

and our reign will be matched

by no one.


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