[BOOKS] This is what happens…

bookstore stop

This is what happens when you go to the bookstore and they don’t have the one book you went there to buy. Now to pick which one to read first! I’m debating between Gatsby and Inferno…


7 thoughts on “[BOOKS] This is what happens…

  1. I have recently succumbed, having previously resisted, to the Kindle craze. I love the feel of books, but have had to make a concession with the Mrs purely on the grounds of space. Or rather lack of it. So, fiction on the Kindle, non-fiction still books.
    But I can still empathise.

    • I have a Kindle Fire, but I basically only keep books on there that take up a LOT of space, or books which I’ve read many times. I have The Lord of the Rings trilogy on my Kindle, but I also have a hard copy of the trilogy as well. The convenience is great, but I can’t give up my hard copies. πŸ™‚

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