For Kids and Monster-Lovers of All Ages! Here Comes Stompadon!


Click to access the Stompadon Kickstarter!

Everyone, I’m usually not one to advertise, but today is a very special exception. A very good friend (and bridesmaid) of mine, Kelsey Wailes, is restarting a Kickstarter for her adorable and lovable character, Stompadon, a little kaiju monster that’s full of cute. The Kickstarter includes a coloring book, a children’s story book, and if she can raise enough funds, a first shipment of Stomapdon stuffed toys. She managed to receive a sample product from her first Kickstarter of Stompadon, and let me tell you, he’s well worth it!

If you have kids, or just really like cute lil monster friends, please click the image above and look over Stompadon’s Kickstarter. We’ve met lots of kids through Super Art Fight who have fallen in love with Stompadon and are really excited for the Kickstarter to get off the ground so they can have coloring books, story books, and stuffed Stompadon’s of their very own. You could be one of them! πŸ™‚

So please, take a look. Consider making a contribution. Perhaps you have a little cousin or niece or nephew, perhaps a child or grandchild, who would greatly enjoy a new friend to meet. Maybe they’re just really hard to buy for. Maybe they just need to get off the freakin’ computer. Either way, give Stompadon a try, and I’m sure he’ll make his fuzzy fro way into your heart. πŸ™‚ Cheers!

Help the Stompadon family grow!

Help the Stompadon family grow!


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