If there is a devil, it’s name is…


My sincerest apologies, my readers, that I have been so neglectful of my blog of late. Honestly, I have a few post ideas, the most prominent of which is a follow-up to my eulogy to empathy. Perhaps I can get my act together and work up that post tonight.

I’ve got some things going on in my life that I may spend some ranting time on as well. Concerns with time management and working out for the wedding, my spiritual studies and how scathingly difficult it is to live the pieces of my ever-growing knowledge of faith in my day to day activities (a likely tie-in to my empathy post), among other lesser things. I simply haven’t been able to get into the mood of writing. I’ve gotten little pieces of poetry in my head here and there and let them loose, but that’s not much to keep a blog thriving for its readers.

For now, I’ll likely settle back into some more of the Dhammapada and try to relax. Maybe the morning will bring something inspired to my fingers. Until then, I ask only for patience. Cheers, all!


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