WDBWP Monday Prompt: A Color Ekphrasis


Title: eye – by John Casaretto

It can never be done,

to reproduce the eyes of my love.


Over 17,000 suns

rising and setting

around me life

(and counting)

have never presented the same glow

as they.


No beast dare match.

Not scale, nor mane,

nor orbs shining

from the jungle brush

can hold me fast,

transfix me in such reverence…


…though the tiger’s can

sometimes compare,

if tilted slightly, rightly

in my palm.


To take the ancient

sap of life,

gripped between my

finger tips against

full-moon light,

or bound and edged

in gleaming metals

’round my ashen neck

does no justice.


Perhaps if grasped

in midday radiance,

angled to fracture

the grass to shards

within the resin chamber

of history…


perhaps then

the universe could close in

and replicate the beauty

of my love.


I debated using a photograph due to the nature of the prompt, but I figure its reasonably obvious I’m not talking about a rainbow, so a rainbow eye should work out okay. Besides, Mr. Casaretto’s work amazes me, and I liked including a piece of his to reference people back to this work. Just click the picture if you’re interested in more.

So this week’s poetry prompt from We Drink Because We’re Poets is to write a poem describing a color without actually referencing the color or any derivation of the color. Take a guess what color you think I’m referring to here! I’d like to see what you come up with. ^_^

Also, if you’re interested in a new poetry form to try, take a look at the description of the ekphrasis. I like how free form it can be, but how specific the topic choice can get. Do you think I did a good first go at it?


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