A Humble Hiabun


I am not a humble person, and I find it quite amusing when people say that I am. You see, either they do not have a thorough understanding of the word, or I do not know myself. The latter tickles me far more, for it leads to the idea that these people know me better than I know myself, and how can that be so? I am within myself, after all, observing the world in the only way I can, through my own eyes. I am the only one who knows the whisper of my conscience, the pitch at which it sings softly to me. I know the moments when my conscience is my mother, politely ignored for the sake of my own indulgence. I know not only what I like, but what I do not like. I not only know these things, but know why I came to love or hate them as I do. To play the bard would not bring any other being even close to understanding the significance of what makes me love the musings of Tolkien, or despise the flavor of green things. One can certainly learn, but never completely, the inflection my throat prefers when I’m merely pretending to enjoy their cooking. If this is so, then how can they impose humility on my character, when they cannot even know when I am honest?

I will admit, as all creatures, there are times when the cosmos alines around me and I, despite my nature, am humble and humbled. These moments I cherish above all others, for to be humble is to know true love without condition, to fear nothing because there is a need to fear everything, to see all the universe as nothing but a grain of sand, and that speck of dirt under the nail as another universe all its own.

But to say I am humble. Oh, what a humorous treat of an accusation that is!

oh to be humble

the ant on the grain of sand

knows not the ocean


So this is my first attempt at a hiabun, as suggested by a new friend of mine, Christina. It is basically a monologue about a specific topic of interest to the writer, including a haiku to either further the topic or complete the thought of the hiabun itself. I have no idea if this came out well or not, and I’m sure I have a lot more to say about this. I just don’t know how to continue with what I have, so I figured I’d stop while I’m ahead. Let me know your thoughts, whatever they may be. Hope you enjoyed at least. Cheers!


One thought on “A Humble Hiabun

  1. You did so awesome! 😀 Not that I’m any sort of expert….just have always been fascinated by the idea of the haibun/haiku connection. I know of at least one weekly challenge where you can connect to others writing with similar prompts if your interested. Just let me know! Thank you for trying this style out…I do believe it suits you very well indeed! 😉

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