A Thought: God is Who We Want to Be

Had a thought while following a thread today, and I wanted to share, so I posted it in the thread. I got one response about it, which was very productive I believe. Mind you, this was a philosophical question much more than one about my beliefs, but see what you think of this idea:

"Oh, this is going to be good, I can tell!"

“Oh, this is going to be good, I can tell!”

We are all our own gods. Each individual worships a god that is self-created, even if it is in the image of a god that already existed. Why? Because each individual’s image of god is a reflection of what that individual wishes they could be as a person.

The god of Christianity makes the rules but does not follow them; it commands that we do not judge, yet it is judgmental; it presents the rules and expects all people to follow those rules, despite not telling all the people of the rules in the first place; it is vague, yet expects us to figure out what it means without being able to ask for details. Many Christians I know aspire to have power, to make rules but not have to follow them because they are above those rules, they judge but do not want to be judged, they condemn but are offended when they are condemned by others. They act like their god, because their god is the image of what they want to be.

And please, don’t take it out of proportion that I used Christianity as an example. That was the main topic of the thread, so using it made sense in context of the rest of the conversation. I may post some other references to other religions later, if anyone’s interested. Let me know what you think.


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