A Little Poll, Then It’s Off to Bed


6 thoughts on “A Little Poll, Then It’s Off to Bed

  1. Can I vote neither? I suppose if I had to pick one, it would be “lose control of body, keep control of mind”…I have seen dementia patients, it ain’t a pretty sight. I would rather be bedridden and have lucid brain function, so I could enjoy what little of life remains. However, at some point, when pain and suffering becomes too great to endure, I think it should be okay to call in Dr. Kevorkian. I also want my funeral to be a kegger, with a celebration of life and memories, and not some damn morose, dark, god soaked proceeding. I have seen enough of that crap to last me a lifetime. Crank up the P.A. system, play some good classic rock, have a cold one on me.

    • XD I was going to give an ‘other’ option, but I took it out. You have to pick one or the other. One of the two has to happen before you can react in any other way. I completely agree with you, losing your mind is no way to live, especially when you realize that is what’s happening to you. To me, so long as a Kevorkian figure makes sure it’s also what the patient wants, I say he’s right. I’m not going to sit around for years having to be treated physically like a 6 month old, let alone mentally as well. Give me a good microbrew beer and a shot. I’ll be good.

  2. Shelldigger,

    I myself have often wondered why people have such a problem with Dr. Kevorkian. If I’m in pain and I am lucid enough to decide that I don’t want to suffer anymore, who is anyone else to say that I can’t? Who is anyone else to say “No, the suffering must go on until it kills you.” That’s always struck me as a rather sadistic view. I understand that there may be issues with people’s sanity, lucidity and whether or not they are capable of making that decision, but that should be examined on a case by case basis. A blanket “No dr assisted suicides for anyone” is just a cowardly way of avoiding the situation altogether in my submission.
    As for the question presented in the poll, I agree with you 100%. Losing control of the mind is something that I would dread happening. I dare say that I have already run into a few people who appear to have a mind not functioning at full capacity. As you said, it’s not a pretty sight.

    • Agree 100%. It ought to be at the hands of the patient. I have the feeling to bring it up as a social revamp, however, would once again delve into what aspects of our government in America are Christian-based, which would cause another huge topic clusterfuck. With the idea that suicide is a sin, and the fact that young adult suicide is so rampant (and this would likely make some people think this is a promotion of suicide, at the least in the eyes of those kids considering it for themselves), the idea of patient permissions for assisted suicide would just never fly.

      • Rana,

        This is a topic that has to be discussed with rational, clear thinking, reasonable people. The people who say they know what god wants or how god wants to handle this situation – they’re out of the equation as far as I’m concerned. For the devoutly religious, there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what god wants regarding any subject.
        As far as the promotion of suicide, yes I could see how some people would perceive it that way, but that’s their problem frankly. What this is about is allowing someone to decide for themselves whether or not they want to end their prolonged suffering. People commit suicide every single day. The only reason these people can’t is because they’re too ill and/or pyhsically weak to do it.

        • Odd, how the thoughts of god, usually reflect the opinions of those making the claims…don’t ya think?

          My wife is an LPN working in a nursing home for now. She has told me repeatedly, if she ever gets in that kind of shape, to just accidently leave enough meds lying around, to get the the job done. That puts me in an odd position, but I do share her sentiments. There comes a point where living is no longer living, it is instead a teat for the nursing homes/hospitals/home health/hospice to suckle.

          I should note that not all residents in a nursing home are in such a shape that they no longer live fruitful lives, many carry on quite well, they just need some looking after. It is those for whom suffering outweighs the desire for survival, those that are locked into a fetal position, unable to speak, those who are no longer living, but just happen to still be alive, that
          position none of us wants to be in, that is the subject of this thread. It is a place none of us wants to be in, but we are unable to change the system, to prevent it from possibly happening.

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