Do We Remember?

They say that they remember,

they say we won’t forget,

but honestly, is it enough

to repeat these same preset


images and memories

that we already know

are expected of us this new fall day?

Do they actually show


how we’ve reacted over the years?

They reflect the past, for sure,

but do they give an honest picture

of how we have endured?

Have we endured? Or fallen short,

held back by dwelling anger?

Are we revering what has passed,

or is the typical answer


laziness and forming habits,

empty of emotional cause.

These moments of collective silence

resound, the dedicated pause


of forgetfulness and bred-in custom.

Some spare few still feel the sting,

but as a people, as a country,

it’s just another nagging


thing to force out our joined tears

without really understanding why

the sorrow is truly shed;

to gently kiss peace goodbye.


We no longer comprehend the weight

the rubble put on our shoulders.

We’ve become weary, yet hold tradition

in place of what our older


generations held close so nobly

and understood all too well;

you can honor the tragedy of the past

but you do not have to dwell


on those events years after year,

lest you lose the real meaning

of the blood that was shed so your tears could flow,

what means to keep on living.


Charge on, my undeserving fellows,

keeping standing day by day,

you need not continue to pray or cry,

your breath is enough to allay


the souls of all the fallen and the loved.

Your actions are what really matter,

how we work side by side,

the way we play together.


We cannot stand still ’til the end of time,

we shouldn’t keep pointing fingers.

What can we do to remember always?

Keep calm and just move forward.


Twin Towers by Edgar Bajana

Twin Towers by Edgar Bajana

I might get flack for this one, but I don’t care. I’m sick of the empty “We Remember” stuff every 9/11. Tomorrow people will keep going without a second thought, they will forget to keep putting up their US flag, they will continue to have bitch fits about Bush getting us involved in the Middle East, and the ‘remembrance’ will have moved on. It’s depressing and it’s getting old after 12 years. We can remember that day every day of the year, and we shouldn’t have to be told and bombarded about the ‘fateful events’ of 9/11/2001 in order to get in the right mindset for the day. There are those who were directly effected and they truly remember, they truly weep, and to them I have nothing but respect. As a country, however, we HAVE forgotten, and we need to recognize it and find a better, more appropriate mindset as a people.


One thought on “Do We Remember?

  1. It’s just another political drum for politicians running for office to beat. It’s become less about the deaths and more some justification for hypernationalism.

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