Bo Burnham, and Drawing the line.

Gotta love the boyfriend, and gotta love Bo! ^_^

Lord Aoshi's PC Perspective

Bo Burnham, and Drawing the line.

First I’d like as always to share something that i find pretty awesome, and that would be Bo Burnham. This genius singer, songwriter, poet, standup comic is Easily the funniest comic/one man show performer I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to put an asterisk there, or define to a certain genre, or even name a close second, he’s THAT amazing.

When i suggest his work to people, however, they always ask me why, they say, well what does he do that is so funny and entertaining, and i have a hard time answering that. And if I can’t explain why he’s so funny why would they remember it long enough to check it out later that day, so where is my attempt to try and express what i think makes Bo Burnham great.

Bo Burnham started out his career in the mid 2000’s getting…

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