Train crash in Spain

My boyfriend made this joke and we both found it ridiculously funny. Not to joke about all the deaths and everything, but sometimes you just have to make yourself laugh when there’s so much nasty shit going down in the world. The bf does wonders for me that way. ^_^ Go check the other awesomeness he’s been postin’!

Lord Aoshi's PC Perspective

Not my usual thing but i was told i needed to post this on here.

I saw the news and this mockery of a classic tongue twister/ literary thing that i think all of us will recognize spewed from my mouth while on skype with my girlfriend.

” the trains, in Spain, will kill you all the same.”

We both thought it was pretty insensitively hilarious, but what do you think.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulated the driver of that train on being the first Man to drift a fucking train. Sure the corner exit wasn’t perfectly clean, but of course pioneers are rarely truly successful on their first attempt, so keep at it mate, and maybe one day Train drifting will be a recognized and fully sanctioned motorsport.
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